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  • SEO Website Report/Audit

  • Website Performance Audit

    Website Best Practices Audit

    Print Ready Reports Of Each Audit

    CUSTOMIZE & Edit Each Report

    Remove Our Logo & Brand

    Done-For-You Email Templates

  • Video Tutorials Included

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SEO Website Audit & Report

Nearly every business today faces at least ONE of these MAJOR problems...

Their website is stuck and not able to move up

They see a HUGE drop in traffic or ranking

They have migrated from one CMS to another with a loss

They are not sure what their current SEO situation is

Businesses know that these technical aspects of their websites hurt the effectiveness of their marketing strategy...

...and even small website changes may contribute heavily towards increased traffic and better SEO rankings.

With ADA LEADZ PRO you can now run an audit and generate an automated SEO report in minutes (agencies/freelance consultants take approx. 30 days to do the same task)...

...and help your customers figure out how well is their website technically equipped to compete against TOP competitors in SERP.

An added advantage for you in offering this service is that you can easily charge your customers a monthly/yearly recurring fee for this.

SEO rules and standards for Google, Yahoo, Bing, change on a regular basis. In fact, Google considers over 200 factors when ranking a website to a certain position. As a result, many of the old SEO strategies are pretty much gone every few months"¦ forcing businesses to update their websites on a regular basis.

Agencies/Freelance Consultants charge BIG Bucks...
and so can you now for a few minutes of your time!

You can easily charge $1,000 - $4,000 for offering this service.
Businesses would happily pay you for helping them stay on top.

Website Performance Audit & Report

Businesses know that website performance is crucial for every successful business. Websites that take forever to load frustrate visitors, so they go and look for faster alternatives. Even a one-second drop in page load times can cost businesses thousands of dollars and a decline in rankings

Bad design and performance will also affect how search engines treat them, and fewer people will visit the site.

And with Google now factoring page loading speed into search engine rankings, having a fast website has become even more important"¦ and businesses are well aware of this.

With ADA LEADZ PRO you can now run a complete website performance audit and provide an independent analysis of the factors that contribute to the response time of a website.

Look What Agencies and Freelance Consultants Are
Charging For A Website Performance Audit

Website Best Practices Audit & Report

Help businesses figure out whether their websites are fully optimized for search engine traffic, have any broken files or links, load quickly, are user-friendly and have top-notch content.

Without these audits even though their sites may still be generating traffic, they wouldn't be reaching their full potential"¦

...and seeing a decrease in traffic and conversions.

With ADA LEADZ PRO you can now run complete Best Practices Audits within minutes without any technical skills or prior experience. The software then generates a report at the end"¦ that you can send to businesses and get paid top dollar for your service.

Agencies and freelance consultants are charging thousands of dollars for providing this high in-demand service that is needed by every single business that has a website.

ALL The Reports Have Branding & Commercial Rights Included!!

Branding / Customize OF ALL PDF Reports

You can customize EVERYTHING on the reports with your name, email, website, custom logo branding, change colors.

You can even add your own personal message for the leads you want to contact!

This is a MUST HAVE upgrade if you're going to be a professional agency that looks like an authority.

ALL The Reports Are Ready To Floor Your Client

PrintReady PDF Reports For Clients

These reports are state-of-the-art and can even be printed on-demand if you want to meet with the client in person or send the report in the mail.

These reports
will give you instant authority!

Not Just Reports...

We Give you EVERYTHING You Need For Contacting Prospects To Converting Them Into Paying Clients

Email Technology Swipes

You will also get our Done-For-You Email Templates to send to your prospects and customers, so you don't lose any time!

Have ADA LEADZ PRO reach out to the clients you want via email marketing technology.

You can customize the email and use our DFY proven-to-convert templates in many niches.

We'll give you everything you need to start selling various auditing services to businesses around the world!

That's why we created ADA LEADZ PRO so you can take your business to the next level as fast as possible.

We've decided to do something we have NEVER done before and you need to pay close attention.

On this page only, you can get a RESELLER license to ADA LEADZ which means you will keep 100% of what your customer pay

You get your very own admin panel to issue, edit, and delete licenses and accounts for clients

We've spent thousands of dollars in perfecting ADA LEADZ and we're letting you sell it as your own... making HUGE profits and keeping it all for yourself

And the best part... WE TAKE CARE OF ALL THE SUPPORT You simply sell and keep the profits. We take care of you as well as your customers

Nothing to Upload, Host, Configure or Support...
A Complete 'Done For You' Business

2 Ways To Profit from ADA LEADZ

Sell ADA LEADZ to Clients Directly... Create & Sell Reports To Clients

  • Sell ADA LEADZ packs... i.e. you can charge your customers and clients what you like, set them up in the dash and give them their very own login details.
  • Sell ADA LEADZ Reports... i.e. create and sell on-demand print-ready website audit reports to your customers for top dollar
  • We've decided to give you both... so you have two ways in which you can profit from ADA LEADZ. (see below)
#1: Sell ADA LEADZ - Direct to Clients

First - you can always try and sell ADA LEADZ to clients who have already availed website audit services from.

  Next, let's assume you have a list or in case you don't... you just run some ads.

You know how effective, stable and easy to use ADA LEADZ is and you want to sell it directly to our clients.

We give you full control to do all that and more...

Use Our ADA LEADZ Support Team

Our support desk is a team of highly talented and dedicated individuals who pride themselves in providing the highest standard of customer support in the market today.

  They undergo intensive training so they know the product inside-out...

...that's the reason they are able to provide solutions to most of the tickets (even the technical ones sometimes) on their own.

You sell ADA LEADZ and keep all the money. We take care of the rest.

Here's What You Get Today...
When You Upgrade To ADA LEADZ PRO...

  • SEO Website Report/Audit

  • Website Performance Audit


    Website Best Practices Audit

    Print Ready Reports Of Each Audit


    CUSTOMIZE & Edit Each Report

    Remove Our Logo & Brand

    Done-For-You Email Templates

    Video Tutorials Included


If You Land Just One More Client from the PRO Version Or Sell One Copy Of ADA LEADZ, Then This Upgrade Paid For Itself

All you need is one extra client from the PRO version or to sell one copy of ADA LEADZ to make this upgrade profitable.The only reason you wouldn't upgrade was if you're simply not going to use the software at all.

The more value you can bring to your prospects, the more likely they'll become long term recurring customers.

With this upgrade you'll be able to grow your business to new heights in record time.