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Want to position yourself as an authority? - You need to look like a professional agency!

The logo is one thing people notice first about a business and a brand. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to branding, they are right.

Having a strong, memorable logo & branding will help your business stick in people's minds. This will help your business achieve longevity. The more eye-catching and memorable your logo is, the more you stand out from your competition i.e. other ADA LEADZ members.

Having your own logo influences the way your customers treat you

Some other reasons why you MUST always use your branding:

People have come to associate having a logo with being an established company. Even if your company has been in business for years, not having a logo may cause clients to think you are newly formed.

You can project your company's personality through your logo and branding. This will make your business more attractive to consumers and help them build up trust in the company even before doing business with you. This will also help you keep the customers you do have.

No matter how good your products or services, if you don't stand out you will never see the success you deserve. A good logo will draw the eye, and help you stand out amongst other ADA LEADZ members offering the same services as yours.

Now remove the Powered by ADA LEADZ branding on the reports that you send your clients.

Customize EVERYTHING on the reports with your name, email, website, custom logo branding with point-n-click simplicity.

You can even add your own personal message for the leads you want to contact!


Right now, in your regular ADA LEADZ account, you can search business leads anywhere in the world, but you're only allowed a limited number of searches. With this level, I'll unlock this feature to let you search as much as you want whenever you want.

When a customer walks into a store - one never knows who would convert into a buyer and who would just leave. Higher footfall, therefore, is your best bet when it comes to online businesses.

Similarly, in the case of collecting leads never know which lead will convert.

The MORE the better principle applies perfectly when it comes to lead gen.

Collecting unlimited leads will help you:

Boost your chances of making more sales from this list.

Build a big list that you can market to over, and over again!

You can finally set up multiple streams of income - all active at the same time.

Search and contact UNLIMITED leads every month, no limits whatsoever,
so you can expand into dominating different niches at will.

Live a life of pure freedom, no stress, and
scale your business to levels you would have never thought possible.

However, remember that this requires a lot of resources on our server so you can understand why we have to limit it to some users. But for a very minimal fee (and helping up maintain the server), we'll let you search and gather as many business leads as you can handle!


Never worry about whether you should run a website audit or not... fearing you will reach the monthly limit sooner than planned.

Generate as many reports as you like.

Today many businesses have multiple websites generate a report for one of the websites and blow their socks off!

Turn a detailed ADA audit report into a lead magnet and watch clients chase you with their money.

Remove all limits on the number of reports that you can generate using ADA LEADZ by upgrading today.

Sell your ADA website audit services to more clients,
resulting in thousands of dollars in extra profits without any hard work.

Tap into the huge demand of online businesses who are scared of ADA non-compliance lawsuits, they are willing to pay $3,000 to $5,000 per website, plus a yearly maintenance fee on top for auditing any new content they add to their websites!

UNLIMITED Clients & Profits

When you upgrade to UNLIMITED today you secure a license to use ADA LEADZ to run as many ADA audits on websites as you want without worrying about any restrictions.

You can pitch and sell your services to as many clients as like.

With millions of active websites out there

there's going to be no shortage of demand as ADA compliance is something that affects every big and small business.

The ONLY limits on your profits would be the ones that you impose yourself.

Also what if you could make more than ONE offer? What if you could, line up multiple offers that you could send to these leads day after day?

Make more money per client by getting the ability to make multiple offers


When you start processing unlimited leads by running unlimited audits, of course, it would mean that you might need quick help.

As a matter of fact, we want to be more available for you if you are one of our heavy users.

We have hired and trained extra support staff that is completely dedicated to servicing the ADA LEADZ Unlimited customers.

This means

You don't have to wait long for your queries to get answered and your issues to get resolved.

You work with complete confidence knowing that a dedicated team is there to back you up.

Why You Must NOT Let This Opportunity To GO UNLIMITED Pass You By?

For those that are not following lawsuit numbers, the rate of ADA-based web and app lawsuits jumped from 814 in 2017 to 2,258 in 2018, a 177% increase.

While it appears that website accessibility lawsuit filings decreased in the fourth quarter of 2019, the number of filings went up again for the first three months of 2020.

COVID-19 lockdowns did interfere with federal filings, but only for a short period of time. There was a big drop off at the end of March, and cases picked back up again once lockdown measures were lifted in some parts of the country towards the beginning of May.

As more and more lawyers desperate for a big payday get wind of this windfall of opportunity, you can only bet that this number is going to go up.

Can you imagine the number of businesses that will be desperately looking for someone to help them?

Now "armed with an amazing tool like ADA LEADZ" you don't want there to be limits on the number of clients you can contact and take up.

Why Do One-Time Deals When You Can Have
Recurring Income For Years To Come?

Reliable extra income and new clients are the big reasons why you probably jumped into online profit-making opportunities.

But recurring income is what everybody wants, right? For this, you need long term clients that need your services again and again.

  Businesses constantly keep updating their websites. Once you do an audit for them and get paid you can offer a bundle of a certain number of audits you'll do for them every year.

They'd be more than happy to pay you to keep their business safe from exorbitant lawsuits. And with the ability to run UNLIMITED audits once you upgrade today - you can truly cash in on this opportunity.

ADA LEADZ UNLIMITED is perfect for those looking for long term, recurring payment clients and serious agencies.

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If you close this page, this discounted offer would be gone forever!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this a monthly fee?

A. ADA LEADZ UNLIMITED is currently being offered for no monthly fees only through this deal. You'll get full access to everything you see here today for the price listed above.

Q. Can I come back later and decide?

A. This is a one-time-offer so there is no guarantee it will be here. Plus, we have to increase the price every few hours to be fair to those who got early access to ADA LEADZ UNLIMITED.