Unleash The Power Of Specialized Artificial Intelligence

First To Market ChatGPT Powered AI App Hires 20+ AI Employees That Generate Traffic, Leads and Sales 24x 7 For You Without Having to Pay Salary

  • Generate High-Quality Leads
  • Personalized Customer Engagement
  • Seamless Revenue Optimization
  • Instant, Accurate Responses
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement
  • Create Specialized Agents In Various Business Niches
  • Create Custom Solutions For Specific Business Problems
  • Train AI Employess with your own prompts and behaviors
  • Instant, Accurate Responses
  • Train AI Employess with your own prompts and behaviors

Create Your AI Team For Any Niche In Just

3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Choose AI Employee

Choose Among 20 different AI Employees from various business niches.

Get access to specialized artificial intelligence in various business areas, with the ability to customize according your needs.

Step 2

Provide Prompts

Provide details or ask to AI employee and let them to provide consultation, advice or create the materials.

Step 3


Get the maximum benefits and solve business problems with confidence and effectiveness and make HUGE RECURRING PROFITS.

The Future Of Work Unleashed

Set Your Work On 100% Automation With AI Crew...

Revolutionize The Way You Work

Imagine A World Where Human Potential Is Amplified, Mundane Tasks Are Automated, To Skyrocket Your Business And Sales Like Never Before...

With Unparalleled Efficiency And Productivity.

Premium AI Employees

AI Crew provides AI employees in essential business niches such as Digital Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Cybersecurity, Project Management, Software Development, Interface Design, Event Planning, and many other areas.

Multi Language Support

Now you can go global and interact with anyone worldwide as AI Crew supports more than 100+ languages fluently.

Scale globally with no language barrier.

Set The Mood Of Your Chat

No more boring and robotic responses. AI Crew has improved the AI game and made available different type of chat moods (tones) of your conversation. 25+ Chat Tones are on the table.

Change The Writing Style

Set the character of your writing style. Right from professional style to horror, poetic,narrative, scientific, romantic and so on...

Download Chat

You can easily download chat in .txt and .pdf formats. You can have your articles, blogs, ebooks, videos and scripts in both text and PDF formats.

Embed AI Employees

Now, you can embed AI Employees not just on your own website, but also on the websites of your clients.

Our simple integration process allows you to effortlessly integrate AI Employees onto other websites, enabling them to begin working within just 5 minutes!

Siri & Alexa Like Voice Input

If you are a no typing person and likes to give command on the go, you can give voice command & get the work done easily. Just tap on the microphone button and start asking.

Detailed Chat Analytics

Get date wise reports regarding your prompt chat, registered customers and sales.

1-Click Hire & Fire

As per the requirement of the work, you can easily hire and fire AI experts.


Step-by-step Training

You can easily download chat in .txt and .pdf formats. You can have your articles, blogs, ebooks, videos and scripts in both text and PDF formats.

So, There Is A Smarter And More Economical

Alternative We've Got For You...

That Redefines The Boundaries of Managing Work, Employees & Skyrockets Your Traffic & Sales Like Never Before...

Ai Employees Are Transforming The Way Businesses Operate And Revolutionizing The Concept Of Traditional Human Employees.

They Provide Immense Value By Automating Tasks, Improving Efficiency, And Enabling Businesses To Operate More Effectively In The Digital Age.

No More Having To Deal With Subpar Work, Lapsed Deadlines Overpriced & Disappointing Work...

Now With This Revolutionary App, You Get....

AI Employees Who Can Work Tirelessly, 24/7

AI Employees Do Not Require Salaries, Benefits, Or Other Employee Related Costs.

AI Employees Who Deliver Consistent And Precise Results.

AI Employees Can Scale Effortlessly To Handle Increased Workloads.

AI Employees Handle Customer Inquiries, And Resolve Issues, Improving The Overall Customer Experience.

And Now It's Your TURN To!

Say "Goodbye" To Expensive Employees, Lapsed Deadlines, Subpar Work & Switch To This...

Next-Gen Futuristic AI Employee Technology...

Finally Take Control Of Your Future: Bid Farewell To

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Say Goodbye To The Hassle Of Dealing With...

  • Inefficient employees...
  • Lapsed Deadlines..
  • Salary Budget Planning
  • Overpriced Freelancers...
  • Poor Quality Work..
  • Hiring Hassles...
  • Why To Deal With

Why To Deal With All These Struggles When You Can Take The Easy Shortcut To Success Today...

I n t r o d u c i n g

First To Market AI Technology That Creates Unstoppable Team Of AI-

Powered Experts At Your Disposal, Working Tirelessly To Generate 

Leads, Sales And Revenue For You

Deploy AI Employees In Essential Business
Areas Such As... 

Digital Marketing


Human Resources

Cyber Security

Project Management

Software Development

Interface Design

Event Planning