Stand Out From Your Competitors With A Completely Customized Scheduling Experience

Which Means, Now with Prompts That Cover Over 
4000+ Tasks, You Can...

Betterbooking helps you to effortlessly manage appointments and improve your sales and customer retention.

Customer Acquisition And Retention With BetterBooking

More than just a booking app, our software prioritizes customer acquisition and retention. We've designed a beautiful booking experience that takes care of the details, making it effortless for your customers to schedule appointments.

BetterBooking Is Designed To Integrate With Your Branding

Craft a seamless brand experience with BetterBooking. Personalize your booking system with these customizable elements:

  • Business Name
  • Banner
  • Logo
  • Business Category
  • Email and Phone Number
  • Social Media Links
  • Custom Domain

You Only Need To Follow These 3 Easy Steps
To Take Advantage Of BetterBooking

Set Your Availability

Define your schedule, connect your calendar and the right times will show on your booking page.

Add Your Branding

Add your logo, brand colors and font for a fully branded booking experience.

Share Your Booking Page

Share your booking page via email, text, social media or even embed it on your website.

Use Cases For BetterBooking

Discover the Versatility of BetterBooking: Use Cases Tailored for Both Physical and Digital Businesses

Consultations and Webinars

Schedule appointments for online consultations, coaching sessions, webinars, or virtual meetings to interact with your clients or audience.

Content Creation

Plan appointments for content creation tasks such as video recording, live streaming, or podcast recording, streamlining your content production process.

Digital Marketing Services

Manage bookings for clients seeking digital marketing services like SEO audits, social media management, ad campaign consultations, or content marketing strategies.

Online Education

For online educators, schedule classes, tutoring sessions, or courses, ensuring students can conveniently book and attend virtual learning sessions.

Customer Support

Allow digital businesses to offer customers the option to schedule support calls, chat sessions, or product demonstrations for better customer service.

Web Development

Offer time slots for website development, design consultations, or user interface testing, catering to businesses seeking online presence enhancement.

Salons and Spas

Manage appointments for hair salons, beauty spas, and wellness centers to ensure efficient scheduling for customers looking for physical services.

Medical Services

Streamline bookings for medical practitioners, dentists, or healthcare providers, ensuring patients can easily schedule appointments.

Fitness and Training

Organize workout sessions, personal training appointments, and fitness classes for gyms, fitness trainers, and yoga studios.

Restaurant Reservations

Facilitate restaurant reservations for dine-in customers, allowing them to book tables at their preferred times.

Repair Services

Help repair shops, technicians, or handymen by enabling customers to schedule repair appointments for appliances, electronics, or home repairs.

Local Events

Promote and manage local events, workshops, or in-person training sessions for community engagement and participation.

Deliver A Scheduling Experience That Feels Professional

  • Showcase your availability time
  • Add Your Business Information
  • Add Your Contact Info
  • Customize Your Own Homepage
  • Let People Book Directly From Your Page
  • Integrate With Zoom Meetings

BetterBooking Has Everything Your Business
Needs To Succeed In The Digital Era

Create Your Own Business Page

BetterBooking empowers you to create a customized online business page that highlights your services, availability, and more. Add your logo, banner, and personal touch to make a memorable impact.

Service Showcase

BetterBooking enables you to showcase your services effectively on your business page. You can configurate the service names, descriptions, duration, and even integrate Zoom and Google Meetings for seamless interactions. Allow visitors to view your services and make appointments with ease.

Customize Business Hours

Tailor your business hours with ease using BetterBooking. Customize opening hours and add multiple appointment slots to prevent scheduling conflicts and streamline your availability.

Easily Embed Your Appointments

With BetterBooking, you have the freedom to embed your appointment system on your own website or any desired page. Keep the booking process seamlessly integrated with your online presence.

Instant Appointment Sharing

Generate a QR code to instantly share your available appointment times with clients. Simplify the scheduling process and make it more accessible with BetterBooking.

Automatize Appointments

With BetterBooking You Can Let People create appointments by their own using the step by step process and let your customers appoint by their own by selecting a service, a staff member and an hour for the appointment

Sync With Google Calendars

With BetterBooking You Can Let People create appointments by their own using the step by step process and let your customers appoint by their own by selecting a service, a staff member and an hour for the appointment

Connect With Your Contacts Using Zoom Meeting And Google Meet

Integrate with Zoom and Google Meet, So you can easily manage your Virtual Meetings right from BetterBookings.

Use A Custom Domain

With BetterBookings Custom Domain feature, you can seamlessly integrate your branding by using your own domain name. Your booking page can now be accessed through your custom web address, enhancing your online identity and providing visitors with a familiar and trustworthy experience.