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Cliqqo Web Tracker


Retail Value ($239.40)
  • 3 Campaigns
  • 10 Sources
  • 50 Links
  • 1,000 Clicks
  • Resell Rights
  • Bonuses Mentioned Below

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Cliqqo Web Tracker

Retail Value ($497)
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Sources
  • Unlimited Links
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • Resell Rights
  • Bonuses Mentioned Below

Create a Tracking Link in Seconds

Create a tracking link

Use it in your ads

​Watch realtime reports

​Track & Optimize Entire Sales Funnels

Cliqqo is much more than just a "link tracker", and you can use it to easily track and optimize even the most elaborate sales funnel.

Tracking links have their place — and we've got the most powerful tracking links in the industry — but there's so much more to Cliqqo than tracking links.

For example, Cliqqo Campaigns is a modern tracking solution that utilizes industry-standard UTMs and “first party” cookies (which can't be blocked by browsers) for tracking an entire funnel with no tracking links or redirects.

​Automated & Intelligent Split Testing

Most people do split testing all wrong — they stop their tests too early, guess at the winners, and then make important decisions based on bad information.

This defeats the whole purpose of split testing and actually costs you money.

But Cliqqo's Automated & Intelligent Split Testing eliminates all these problems. Our proprietary algorithms will instantly alert you when you have a statistically valid winner, and can even redirect all your traffic to the winning variation automatically.

​Advanced Retargeting

With Retargeting you'll be able to increase exposure to all your offers and dramatically boost sales by following your visitors all over the web.

Cliqqo's Advanced Retargeting allows you to add a retargeting pixel (from any retargeting network) to ANY of your tracking links ...

... whether you own the website it points to or not!

​"Best In Class" Click Rotators

Click "rotators" are a traffic delivery system used to distribute incoming traffic to as many different URLs as you want, in exactly the way that you want.

These are generally best used with email marketing, "solo ads," affiliate CPA offers, or ad co-ops — and Cliqqo has the best rotators in the business.

With different types of rotators and dozens of options — including the ability to deliver traffic based on time, location, device type, and lots more — Cliqqo gives you almost unlimited flexibility and the power to do things other systems simply can't.

​Automatic "Bot" Filtering

"Bots" are software programs that can be malicious like a script used by traffic scammers in the "solo ad" world to generate fake clicks ...

... but either way they can REALLY mess up your stats, and waste your ad budget.

Unlike other tracking systems, Cliqqo allows you to filter or even block bot "clicks" — ensuring your stats are accurate and you're getting the clicks you paid for.

We've been in the trenches battling bots as direct response marketers longer than anyone else. With over a billion clicks analysed and processed, no other bot filtering system even comes close. We guarantee it.

​Affiliate Marketing Tools

Cliqqo is one tool for many functions from one-of-a-kind "dynamic affiliate links" that let you take control of the sales process even when promoting affiliate offers you don't control ...

... to automated split testing that allows you to effortlessly optimize all of your landing pages and affiliate promotions ...

Cliqqo gives you a massive competitive advantage over other affiliates.

​Automatic Traffic Quality Analysis

Knowing your traffic quality is crucial in determining which traffic sources are working for you and which ones are just wasting your money.

Cliqqo automatically assigns a unique Traffic Quality Score to all your tracking links, so you know exactly what kind of traffic you're getting. The system will even notify you if your click quality is suspiciously low.

Now you don't have to worry about that new "solo ad" vendor you're trying out - Cliqqo's got your back and watches all your traffic 24/7.

​GEO And Mobile Targeting

Dynamically send visitors to different pages based on their GEO location.

Automatically send mobile clicks to a different link than desktop clicks.

Both of these features help you to optimize ALL your traffic, and virtually guarantee higher conversions and more profits.

​Facebook and Google Analytics Compatible

Are you buying traffic from Google Adwords or Facebook?

If so you'll be glad to know Cliqqo seamlessly integrates with both Google Analytics and Facebook's Conversion Tracking - so you can still build custom audiences and use Google's powerful retargeting with Cliqqo's other profit-boosting features.

​Simplicity, Ease-Of-Use, Reliability & Speed

Studies show that every 1 second delay in page load times results in a 7% conversion DECREASE. Use a clunky tracking script on your own shared hosting account and, well, you're throwing money away.

Cliqqo is 100% web-based with nothing to install or hassle with. It lives "in the cloud" and was designed to be infinitely scalable, resulting in lightning-fast click processing that makes you more money.

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Snapi Shop Entire Package

SnapiShop FE(37) + Pro(41) + Reseller(197)

Actual Retail Value - $281