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3X TIMES SALES Using Simple Converzee Elements!!

3X TIMES SALES Using Simple Converzee Elements!!

Everything You Need To Engage And Convert
Visitors Into Sales Inside One Easy To Use Platform!

Get Into The Top 1%
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That Are Actually Successful


Welcome Your Customers To Your Site With Stylized And Dynamic Hello Bars, Engage Them With Different Pop-Ups And Make Them Optin To Your List.


Overlay Tab Messaging, Urgency Timer, Hello Bars, Image Popup, Video Popup And Other Growth Hacking Conversion Tools On Any Website!


Create Fear-Of-Missing-Out, Build Scarcity & Urgency With 1-Click!


Use Back Button Redirection And Geo Redirection To Drive Your Visitors To Your Offers And Convert Them Into Paying Customers Instantly.


Stop Chasing Freelance Designers. Save The Exorbitant Fee Charged Every Time You Need A Conversion Tool For Your Site.


Nothing to download. We host everything for you. Fast, drag and drop - you can have attention-grabbing bars and pop-ups in just minutes.


We have already made over $250,000 by selling various conversion boosters to rabid clients! Now you can too!

Here’s why...

Read that again!!

That’s the sad reality.

Doesn’t matter how much traffic you have on your site. Whether 50 or 100 or Millions. It’s no good until
it’s converting into leads & sales.

Let me show you how a simple business becomes super-profitable by increasing its Conversions…

Here’s a quick demonstration of how
businesses like yours are leaking money daily.

We are comparing 2 online pages:


A page that is converting
its traffic into sales at 9%


Added just one extra line
of code from Converzee &
now converting at 23%

Page 'A' Converting at 9%
(Without Converzee)

If you have 100 visitors & you are
able to sell to 9 of them.

  • Let’s say you Spent - $1000 for getting those laser targeted 100 visitors
  • Let’s say you are selling a product that gives you $100 per sale
  • Revenue generated from sales = $900

Plus you will get the Refunds.
(Let’s face reality).

Overall Net Turns Out To Be LOSS.

Page 'A' Converting at 9%
(Without Converzee)

If you have 100 visitors & you
are able to sell to 23 of them (extra conversions because of Converzee)

  • Let’s say you Spent the same $1000 for getting those laser targeted 100 visitors
  • Let’s say you are selling the same product that gives you $100 per sale
  • Revenue generated from sales = $2,300

Plus you will get the Refunds.(Of course).

Overall Net = PROFITABLE.

Did you see?

Same product… Same page… Same amount of visitors….
Same copywriting & all those fancy things...

But just 1 difference…

And this is exactly where businesses not
focussing on their page conversions:

Lose Money

Leak Money

Go Broke

Imagine if you have a consistent way of converting traffic into buyers,,, then you can spend $100, $200 or even $1,000 daily daily to bring traffic…

Because you know it can be DOUBLED -TRIPLED back in.

That’s how good marketers scale.

For every $1000 spent, they make an easy $2000 or more back.

And that’s what they do… day in & day out.

Check Out These:

Real Businesses Getting

Just Because Of The Extra Conversions

Wall Street Case Study

Wall Street increased their newsletter signup rates by 279% by using exit intent tech

Cosmetic Capital Case Study

Cosmetic Capital Increased their leads by 300% Using a Floating Bar

Cosmetic Capital Case Study

An e-commerce store got an increment of
9% in their revenue

Timer A/B Testing

Adding a Timer TRIPLED The Sales

Samsung Case Study

Samsung used exit intent tech to increase their revenue by 26% in a short two week period

ActiveCampaign Case Study

ActiveCampaign Adds 800 Free Trials Every Month with One Floating

ActiveCampaign Case Study

Ebay Increasing Their Conversions
Because Of Timers: Case Study Increased Daily Sales £2000 With Geotargeting

And Now We Are Putting The Same
Powers In Your Hands…


EIGHTEEN Most Powerful
Growth Hacking Optimization Tools Packed Into A SINGLE Platform

Helps you get 330% More Leads & Sales and Recovers 50-86% Lost Traffic!!

Converzee is a Collection of
18 Conversion Softwares Packed Into 1

Let me show you all the tools that
are included inside Converzee:

Converzee Tool #1

Tab Messaging

"TabEngage" case Study

(Recovers 50-86% of the lost traffic)

Famous software “TabEngage” published this case study in which they were able to recover 50-86% of their lost traffic with the help of Tab Messaging. Look at this screenshot from TabEngage:

We are giving you the same technology inside Converzee. This is just one of the tools out of 18 that you are getting. It will help you recover 50-86% lost traffic from your website. That would have otherwise been lost. They will now go on to make a purchase from your site.

This is how it works:

Converzee Tool #2

Urgency Timer

Amazon & OptinMonster Case Study

A massive 93% of people have agreed to have bought a product or service, maybe clothes, toys, flight tickets or anything because of the fear of missing out.

Data suggests that 60% of millennials make reactive purchases because of Urgency.

Same tactic is also used by Amazon in their marketing. You know you have to use it when a giant like Amazon is using it.

And this is an example of the evil little timer that leads people to buy.

Converzee Tool #3

Central Timer

(Massive Conversions Because Of Timers)

We have taken timers to the next level by adding “Call To Actions” in timers as soon as the time expires.

So not just you will be able to induce scarcity in your marketing, but also you will be able to lead people to your desired URL with

the help of our smart redirect technology as soon as the timer expires.

This is a first to the market technology & only we are offering it.

Converzee Tool #4

Hellobar + Timer

Do you see the big bold hellobar timer at the bottom of this page?

Here is a quick screenshot for you in case you are not able to identify:

Let’s face it… if you have visited 10 different software pages online, you would have seen a big bold hellobar+timer on the Top or Bottom of ALL of those pages.

Pretty simple & easy to understand, right? It works!! It plays a huge psychological edge in converting the traffic into buyers.

Converzee Tool #5

Hellobar Optins

Hellobar Optin Case Study

(472% More Conversions Because of this)

Now you can collect a massive number of leads because of the hellobar optins. Have a look at “ActiveCampaign” that Adds 800 Free Trials Every Month with a similar Hellobar optin on their page.

Not just that, Cosmetic Capital increased their leads by 300% Using a similar Hellobar Optin.

Well there’s a reason why the famous company “” charges $360/year for the Hellobar subscription… that you will be getting this inside Converzee for a simple little one time price (with everything else included).

Converzee Tool #6

Image PopUp

Hellobar Optin Case Study

(Double Digit Growth In Sales Because Of This)

Successful Businesses all over the world use Popups simply because it is an extraordinary simple yet super effective way of converting your traffic into buyers.

For example, “GoKeyLess” generated 500 new leads & experienced a double digit growth in sales within a month of using similar image popups.

That’s how effective they are.

The only catch however is, how to create them?
Can’t say without Converzee Maybe a tool like Poptin that charges you $1188 for the pop-ups…

Or You Can Use Converzee For A Simple 
All Inclusive One Time Cost.

Converzee Tool #7

Video Popup

(First In The Market)

You must have seen thousands of image popups on thousands of different websites…… but you would have never seen an extraordinary immediately attention grabbing video popup anywhere. That’s because the technology never existed earlier.

We just combined the power of Videos which are massively proven to convert with the power of a popup… you will be the first one to use it & convert extra sales because of it.

Converzee Tool #8

Geo Redirection case Study

(Ends Up In 20% Extra Sales That Would Have Never Happened)

This is a technology that ends up adding almost up to 20% extra revenue that would otherwise would always be lost. For example, Increased their Daily Sales by £2000 With Geotargeting. Here’s the thing

Majority of the products or services offered businesses cater to a limited demographic.

But the internet being such a huge place can get you visitors from any part of the world.

No right product to show to a right buyer ends in a lost revenue opportunity.

Not anymore.

Geo Redirection feature helps you redirect the traffic from different parts of the world to your other offer pages or even affiliate offers that they may be interested in.

Rather than showing them a product or service that they can never buy, show them what they can buy immediately & take a cut.

Inside the members area we will also show you how to find area specific affiliate offers.

Converzee Tool #9

Exit Intent

Wall-Street & Samsung case Study

(Recovers 20-30% Lost Sales)

Exit intent is a technology that helps in recovering 20-30% of the lost sales all the time.

Visitors who are silently about to leave your page are shown an exclusive message /deal/discount & converted into customers. Check out these screenshots:

Wall Street increased their newsletter signup rate by 279% by using exit intent tech

Samsung used exit intent tech to increase their revenue by 26% in a short two week period

It is the greatest conversion optimization thing that has ever been created.

Imagine they were about to leave your website & now they are turned into a customer. How massive a deal this is?

Well a good enough reason why Optin Monk company charges $2388 per year for offering you Exit Intent Technology… you will get it included in Converzee for the same all inclusive one time price.

Converzee Tool #10

Mobile Vibrator

(First In The Market - Proven to bring back 45% lost mobile traffic)

Let’s face it… a mobile is filled with 1000s of elements of DISTRACTION. Have you ever thought about it?

There are 1000s of ways for your mobile visitors to be distracted when they are on your page. (Phone call, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram & so many....)

And you have nobody to blame for that lost traffic because that’s the usual thing. And every busi ness loses 60-70% of their mobile traffic because of it.

Well now you have “Mobile Vibrator” that is able to bring back up to 45% of those lost visitors.

It shakes & vibrates a mobile device indicating your visitor to return to your page when they have exited your page & moved on to something else.

A really powerful way of gaining backall the lost customers.

Converzee Tool #11

Dynamic Elements

In the online world it is very important that you lead your visitors to the buying process without being intrusive.

Converzee “Dynamic Elements” play a very beautiful role here in gently leading your visitors to the buying button without causing any disturbance & being present in front of them 24*7 creating that psychological edge.

Not at all intrusive. Yet damn effective.

In fact, we have added a further advanced feature that will allow you to add one click: call, email or skype chat options inside dynamic elements on your page.

Imagine getting a flurry of inbound leads becauseof this simple little button.

Converzee Tool #12

Offer Iframe

iFrame other pages and offers on your own URL. Don’t let your ad hide your content.

Show ad and content at one and the same time using the Offer iFrame tool.

With Converzee Offer iframe, you can now stop worrying about updating the third-party content you want to display.

Your advertising partners can change their promotions, your Facebook feed can refresh, and Google Maps can adjust for new housing developments. Your offer iFrame will ALWAYS load the latest version.

This tool also provides a safety feature as it prevents third parties “phishing” for your user data.

Converzee Tool #13

Back Button Redirection

Visitors in the online world are so habitual of clicking the back button every now & then.

It results in lost sales all the time.

We are giving the powers in your hands by giving you controls over this back button & redirecting your visitors to any link of your choice when they click on the back button. Imagine how much you can grow your revenue that too so easily by this simple little trick.

Converzee Tool #14


Welcome your customers to your site with stylized and dynamic hellobar

Converzee Tool #15

HELLO BAR Timer with Optin forms

You can generate leads by creating FOMO from hellobar

Converzee Tool #16

EXIT INTENT with Optin forms

Generate leads from a popup which appears as soon as the customers tries to move out the window

Converzee Tool #17

Autoplay video

It will allow to autoplay the muted video and there will be click to play gif and text over the video.

Converzee Tool #17

Proof app

A popup will come to the website either on the left bottom or right bottom side saying
someone recently purchased your product.

It is Incredibly Easy To Setup Converzee
Watch The Quick Demo Here

You Are Getting a Massive Deal Today

Save $1000s Of Dollars By Investing
One Time In Converzee

(Quick Price Comparison With The Standard Market Tools)

  • Tab Messaging
  • Central Timer
  • Hellobar + Timer
  • Hellobar Optins
  • Image PopUp
  • Video Popup
  • Geo Redirection
  • Exit Intent
  • Mobile Vibrator
  • Dynamic Elements
  • Offer iframe
  • Back Button Redirection
  • Urgency Timer
  • Hellobar With Optin Form
  • Hellobar Timer With Optin Form
  • Exit Intent With Optin Form
  • Autplay Video
  • Proof App

Explode Your Profits In
3 Simple Steps:

       STEP #1       

Copy & paste the single line code on your website/page

       STEP #2       

Select any conversion booster campaign from Converzee dashboard

       STEP #3       

Watch your conversions increase without having to do anything extra

Converzee Is
PERFECT For Your Business
And Your Clients Who…

Run an e-commerce store?

Use Hello Bars to welcome your visitors and engage with them.

When your customers try to exit… a timely pop-up showing a new offer, discount or a related product can pull them back in.

You can convert a visitor who was about to leave the store to never come back – into a paying customer.

Insert a timer to create urgency and scarcity to push the customers that are on the fence.

Watch your conversions soar with Converzee.

Affiliate or social media marketer?

Add growth hacking optimization tools to your blogs, websites, and landing pages, so you can interact with visitors and get them to click on your affiliate links or to get them on your lists!

Redirect your visitors and get them to subscribe to your list or to visit an affiliate page dynamically… no landing pages or opt-in forms needed!

Product creator?

Use Converzee to offer your visitors incentives, discounts, and promos on your products.

Add timers to the discounts or deals being offered to make your visitors take quick action.

Instil Fear-Of-Missing-Out to push the visitors sitting on the fence.

Get more conversions faster, so you can increase sales and revenue - with less advertising/retargeting expense!

Affiliate or social media marketer?

Because you get a commercial license, you can offer all the included tools as a premium service to your business clients for a recurring monthly fee.

Set up a powerful custom-branded Hello Bar, Video Popup or Exit intent on your client’s website. This should take less than 10 minutes.

Then, you simply get paid every month by your client to tweak it!

Run a small brick-and-mortar business?

Use Converzee tools to offer cool discounts, promote timely specials, offer bonuses, and more to your visitors and customers.

Does your business take appointments, like a hair/nail salon or a dental practice?

Use Hello Bars to automatically redirect your visitors to the appointments section via your website – saving you and your staff work and time on the phone!

If you run a restaurant, you can invite visitors to make a reservation, order for delivery/takeout or even book a large party!

The possibilities are simply endless!

Replace Expensive Monthly Subscriptions With

The Powerhouse Growth Hacking Optimization Tools Included Inside Converzee...

Limited Time –
Free Commercial License Included
(Regular price: $297 one-time)

Sell Your Campaigns & Maximize Revenue With No Limitations.

It just takes a few minutes to create growth hacking optimization
campaigns for any business or website!

Businesses mostly have to look for multiple freelance consul
tants to get different conversion boosters created.

Converzee makes you the one-stop shop for getting all
kinds of conversion boosters in one place…

…helping you command top dollar for your services!

Quick recap of
what all you are getting today

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Converzee Work On Windows & MAC?

YES! Converzee is a 100% cloud-based solution, meaning it’ll work on any operating system. All you need is an internet connection to use the app. Nothing to install, nothing to update - it works perfectly right out of the box.

Q. Is Step-By-Step Training Included?

YES - Converzee comes with step-by-step video training walking you through the entire process right from creating your first campaign with each tool to getting results (yes, this also includes how to sell your Converzee for top dollar!).

Q. Does Converzee Work On Mobile Phones?

YES! Converzee works on smart phones and smart devices (IOS and Android). This means you can even make changes to your campaigns on the fly.

Q. Will the tools be updated in the future?

Definitely! We’re committed to ensuring that all of the included tools are continuously updated by our team of developers and programmers. You get all future updates for free, with no additional costs!

Q. Will this software works for HTML and WordPress sites?

Yes, Converzee is Fully Compatiable with HTML and Wordpress Websites.