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Use Converzee To Legally Hijack HIGH AUTHORITY Websites, Blogs And Stores and... Build A RAPID List & Sell Anything In Minutes

  • Advanced Controls & Optimizations
  • Advanced Filtering & Sorting
  • One Click Clone Campaigns
  • Developers License - Add Team Members Accounts To Manage Campaigns For You
  • Unlimited Domain Access
  • Legally Profit From High Authority Websites, Blogs and Stores (other people’s)
  • 1-Click Insert Optin Forms, Hellobars, Hellobar Timers, Exit Intents To Hijack Traffic & Sales from High Authority Sites

Your Pro Membership Is A Collection Of
Exclusive Profit Tools

Exclusive Profit Tool #1

Run Converzee on Any Website in the World

You can run Converzee on any Top High Authority Website. Just name any and you can run over it.

For example:

Converzee Hellobar Timer on GRANT CARDONE’S Website

Converzee Hellobar on

Converzee Exit Intent on
BBC's Website

This is called “Link Jacking”. Your own “Converzee” campaign will run over any high authority website using your unique jackered link.

You can share it in as many places as possible. Just share it as a normal post on social media saying something like “Hey! I found this great article on Gary Vee’s Website”.

Nobody can even guess that it’s a jackered link because it opens just like the normal website & you will see tons of high quality buyer leads coming your way.

Now imagine you can do this over & over. Use your jackered links to answer questions on Quora or some niche based FB groups or anywhere. Unlimited Times.

This single superpower has the potential to 10X Your Revenue.

Dominate Any Niche and
Start Generating Online Income Today

A unique, proven, user-friendly, newbie-friendly way to target, engage & sell anything… in minutes. Simply capitalise on trending news, reviews, blogs, product website and sell anything FAST & EASY...

Enter and dominate any niche in minutes…

  • Insert your OPTIN FORM
  • Generate Instant HOT Leads

Captivate and engage new audiences and markets in minutes

  • Drive leads, drive sales
  • Convey any message you want to any visitor in any niche
  • Leverage website content that you don’t even own to your advantage
  • Use it to get more subscribers and/or traffic to your campaigns!
  • Or simply use it to make more and more passive income.

In Just 3 Steps…

Exclusive Profit Tool #2


You know how easy it will become for you to get hot buyer leads using these untapped jackered links.

Soon you will see an overflow of leads coming your way through the high authority websites.

Which means you will need a team really soon to manage the entire work for you.

This license allows you to add your team members to help you manage campaigns.

Outsource the entire process.

Run and manage campaigns without actively working…

Exclusive Profit Tool #3

Advanced Optimizations

Captivate and engage new audiences and markets in minutes

  • Include URL
  • Exclude URL
  • URL Contains
  • URL Exact Match

We have gone over & above in giving you advanced controls to run your campaigns the way you want. You will need them in the near future when you will be running almost 100+ campaigns simultaneously.

This is a very important feature which lets you control where exactly your campaigns should be seen & should not be seen.

So let’s say you are running a campaign on a URL for example - yourdomain.com/workshop & then you have another URL which is yourdomain.com/workshop-thanks, now if you are not paying close attention, the campaign which was supposed to run only on the first URL will also be running on the 2nd URL. That too without your mistake because it would be really tough for you to manage 100+ campaigns simultaneously.

But having the advanced optimization options will always ensure that you are not overlapping & setting up correct campaigns.

Exclusive Profit Tool #4

One Click Clone Campaigns

Our Objective is to help you get started from the word “GO”, hence we have made duplicating Campaigns super Easy.

With Converzee Pro, you will be able to easily duplicate your campaigns with a Single ‘Click’, faster and easier.

Exclusive Profit Tool #5

Advanced Filtering & Sorting

You will be able to filter & sort your ongoing campaigns on the basis of:

  • Campaign Type
  • Active/Inactive
  • Date when it was first made active
  • Ascending & Descending campaigns
  • And more advanced filtering & sorting option

Again, a really important feature that will save you tons of time. Advanced filtering will let you filter all your ongoing campaigns with a single click.

Converzee is the ultimate growth optimisation tool that you will be using all across your campaigns in unlimited domains & unlimited niches. The advanced filtering will save you hours of manual filtering & showing you the exact campaigns that you want to see within seconds.

Exclusive Profit Tool #6

Advanced Analytics

Our Objective is to help you get started from the word “GO”, hence we have made duplicating Campaigns super Easy.

With Converzee Pro, you will be able to easily duplicate your campaigns with a Single ‘Click’, faster and easier.

How Converzee Pro Will Take Your
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Converzee Pro Will Put You
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