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How Much Money Can You Make ?

Obviously, Law doesn’t permit us to Guarantee anything but, we gave this software out to 25 laziest customer we have with training. They reported an income ranging from $221- $6,310 consistently after 20 days of the setup and doing everything we asked to help boost traffic organically for free for their DomainAir TurnkeyVenture.

We will give you the SAME platform along with the training that we gave them include some more to help you turn this into a recurring passive income source.

In Average, 25 Test Users made $1,453 per month in past 3 months without lifting a finger.

Meet DomainAir - Automated
Domain Earning Platform

  • Admin control dashboard
  • Support 1385 TLDs
  • Realtime Currency Conversions
  • Earn with Affiliates
  • Earn with Ads
  • Google Analytics Ready
  • SMTP Mail Support

Responsive Frontend Website
😴 Sell Your Domains Even When Sleeping

  • Mobile responsive UI
  • Easy to install and use
  • SEO optimization for meta tags, descriptions, keywords etc
  • Website setting for icon, logo etc
  • Realtime Domain Names Search
  • Domain Name Generator
  • Domains Whois Search
  • Hostname & IP Lookup
  • Domain Name Location
  • DNS Records Lookup