How it works...

Creating and using any of the EmailDyno's dynamic graphic content is easy.

Choose A Type: Select one of the dynamic content from seven available types.

Change colors, text, or add your own graphics to make the content yours.

Embed Inside Your Email: Copy the piece of a code and put it inside your email using your favorite email service.

Check Out EmailDyno Features

1. Countdown Timer

The EmailDyno countdown timer uses the psychological triggers of urgency and scarcity to take FOMO (fear of missing out) to the next level.

The EmailDyno countdown timers are some of the most customizable on the internet. There are 5 different themes to choose from and each are fully customizable to match your brand.

It is not only 100% customizeable to your needs but it comes with more dynamic features, such as evergreen countdown timer, content to show at expiry and more.

2. Video Overlay

Video is still one of the most engaging elements online. In email, any reference to video is proven to increase clicks. It just makes sense to include a video overlay image inside of your email leading to a page where they can watch your video online.

With EmailDyno, all you have to do is upload your screenshot, select the play icon, put your text and select the font that matches your brand. Easy Peasy!

3. Personalized Images

You will surely create a lasting, personal bond with your list when you send them an image with their own name integrated directly into the image.

You could send them an image of a t-shirt with their name printed right on the shirt. Or a webinar ticket with their name as the attendee on the ticket. 

4. Progress Steps

These are popular with ecommerce marketers...but they can be used in any situation where you need a subscriber to complete a process. In the ecom example, you would send an email to someone who may have abandoned their shopping cart...

You will surely create a lasting, personal bond with your list when you send them an image with their own name integrated directly into the image.

5. Surveys

The best feature of the Surveys in the EmailDyno is their ability to segment your list! See, you'll be able to set a URL for each survey answer, so you can send your list to different web pages depending on how they answer...

Plus, you could use your email service provider to perform actions like add a tag or move to another email sequence - based on their answer to your survey!

6. Ratings

Exceptionally savvy marketers know that learning about a subscriber's Net Promoter Score is the best way to determine their level of loyalty. We give you a way to include a Ratings graphic (from 1 to 5) directly inside of your email...when a user clicks one of graphic elements giving you a star rating, you can immediately act upon their answer. 

7. Bulletproof Buttons

EmailDyno Buttons are extremely customizable! From rounded corners to amazing colors, your links can take on a whole new persona and beg to be clicked inside of every email you send.

Plus, they render just right in every email client and on every device. Never worry again if your undeniable calls-to-action will get the click!