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Use 2000+ FlipBooks In 50 Niches Pre-Loaded To Get YOU Started Instantly Or Create Flipbook from PDF, Images, or Text Or Use Our DFY Content Article Builder To Create Content For Your FlipBook

Step 3

Watch As The App Instantly Creates A Fully-Functional FlipBook In Seconds That You Can Share Or Embed Anywhere

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You see, what you have right now is incredibly powerful & profitable by itself…

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That’s because right now, you’re limited to creating only 10 FLIPBOOK campaigns included in the Regular License… However, you’re still leaving a lot of money on the table…

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With EazyFlipBook Unlimited, you can create unlimited online FlipBooks without any limits, and go crazy as you want!

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With EazyFlipBook Regular, it’s limited to 10 FlipBooks.

Create Unlimited Content For Your FlipBooks

You see, content is king, and good content will bring high engagement to your flipbooks.

Right now we already have the Auto-Content Builder Module for your FlipBooks in the regular license.

You’re limited to creating only 100 articles from this module.

With EazyFlipBook Unlimited, you can create unlimited content for your FlipBook.

With unlimited high quality content, you can create as many stunning Flipbooks as you want…

Add Your Brand Logo On Your FlipBooks + Embed Link To Your Brand Logo

With EazyFlipBook Unlimited, you have the ability to add your brand logo + embed link to your brand logo.

This will help you get more traffic to your website and it also will help you build trust with your visitors.

EazyFlipBook Personal

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But Wait...Why Do I Need FlipBooks?

Because You Need Leads & Sales

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Using Boring Checklists, Cheatsheets As Lead Magnets Is USELESS.

Engaging Your Audience With Bland PDFs Is DIFFICULT

Creating eBooks That No One Wants To Read Is A WASTE.

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Select from 500+ DFY Content Sources or enter your keyword to get custom content from us.

Use to generate leads & sales.

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Say “Hi” To Books In 2023 & Beyond…

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FlipBooks Because…

Flipbooks Are Easy To Use

This is true ONLY if you have access to EazyFlipBook.

You can create a fully-functional FLIPBOOK in less than 60 seconds.

Flipbooks Are Responsive Across All Devices

Read them on phones, tablets, laptops…

Readers can zoom in on the smallest picture detail or search for words to find their content of interest quickly.

Flipbooks Support YouTube /
Vimeo Videos

Easily embed videos directly into your flipbook

Showcase a particular product, service or complex procedure.

Flipbooks Are Easy To Share

There are no print or distribution costs.

Instantly share your flipbook via a simple link on social media or in an email.

No upload or download time needed.

Flipbooks Have Built-in Security Options

Decide who can view, share and download your digital publication.

Create password-protected flipbooks.

Flipbooks Are SEO Optimized

Increase your views, indexing, and overall popularity online.

Rank higher in Google searches!

Flipbooks Give You Insightful Marketing Statistics

Gain insightful data on your readers… how they came to see your flipbook, their demographics, number of views, device + more.

This is ABSOLUTELY critical for every business today.

Now I Know You Might Be Thinking…

WOW… FlipBooks Are So Profitable… “But Why Aren’t The Businesses Around Me Using FlipBooks?”

That’s Because They Are NOT Easy & Cheap To Create…

(Until Now…)

They Had 3 OPTIONS


  • Explain to the designer & content writer what you exactly want…
  • Chase them near deadlines to deliver
  • Ask for edits when you go through the first draft
  • Pay them through the nose for an average-looking FlipBook
  • Stop using FlipBooks because they cost too much time & money
  • Go back to using boring PDFs, eBooks that don’t engage your audience & don’t generate results


  • Spend weeks writing the content
  • Buy expensive designing tools to turn your boring PDF or eBook into a FlipBook
  • Watch videos to learn how to insert links, videos etc. inside your FlipBooks
  • End up creating ONE FlipBook in a month
  • Stop using FlipBooks because they cost too much time & money
  • Go back to using boring PDFs, eBooks that don’t engage your audience & don’t generate results

Option #3: Pay $450 - $650 Per FlipBook
On Platforms Like Fiverr

But You Don’t Have To Pay This Kind Of Money…

EazyFlipBook AUTO Creates Fully-Functional

Engage Your Audience Like Never Before
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(And Do It For Your Clients Too!)

EazyFlipBook Personal

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Increase Traffic

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  • Instantly Create FlipBooks In Seconds From PDF, Text, & Images
  • Built-In DFY FlipBook Content Builder
  • Get Started Immediately With 2000 FlipBooks In 50 Niches Pre-Loaded 
  • Customize Your FlipBook In Any Way You Want With Point-N-Click Simplicity
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  • Select From Our 500+ DFY Content Sources To Get Started Instantly
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  • Get Deep Analytics On Views, Pages Read, etc. 
  • Complete In-Depth Video Training 

Take A Look At The Kind Of

FlipBooks You Will Be Creating

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ZERO design or technical skills needed


Instantly Convert Boring PDFs, Texts, & Images Into Stunning FlipBooks

Your FlipBook is automatically created with top-class designs.

Everything is beautifully designed and your flipbooks are fully mobile responsive…

Your visitors will be able to read & engage, & even buy from within your FlipBooks on mobile & tablet as well.

100% Customizable

Customize your flipbook in any way you want.
Edit flipbook name, flipbook description, customize logo or change flipbook background…

Everything is point-n-click easy.

Built-In 500+ DFY Content Sources + Pre-Loaded 2000 FlipBooks In 50 Niches

Use this to create content for your FlipBooks.

Simply select from our 500+ DFY Content Sources…
… OR

… Enter your keyword to get custom content from us.
… OR

Get Started Immediately With 2000 FlipBooks In 50 Niches Pre-Loaded

And the best part is… You can add your own content too.

1-Click Embed/Share Your FlipBook Anywhere

In just 1-click… embed your flipbook to websites and landing pages.

Share the link to your FlipBook via Email or Social media.

Get Deep FlipBook Analytics

Want to know for sure how many people are reading your FlipBooks… and till what page?

We got you covered.

Click on “FlipBook Analytics” on the dashboard and get views, shares, and so much more.

Training & Tutorials

We have programmed our online services keeping in mind your needs…

… and to help you become self-reliant.

It is filled with articles, videos, and FAQs that can get you quickly started and solve all your problems without anyone’s help!


Stunning FlipBooks In
Just 1-Click

Click-crazy UI & UX to capture your audience EVERYWHERE for FREE traffic.

Push-Button Load Top-
Quality Content

Save time and effort by 100%, publishing and adding content on autopilot.

100% Customizable

The Flipbooks are completely customizable giving you full freedom to be creative.

EazyFlipBook Is The


To Leverage The Online Reading Revolution…

EazyFlipBook Is PERFECT For…

Everyone who owns a business,
service or is a marketer 

Everyone who wants to thrive in
this new-age digital world 

Everyone who would like to engage their audience with
fun & interactive content

Everyone who would like to grow their
business hands-free

FlipBooks Are In High-Demand

Unlike static PDFs, EazyFlipBook brings a more interactive and fun way to engage with your readers.

You can add videos, photo slideshows, links, embed Google maps, and so much more!

Also, your digital flipbooks will have a 3D flipping effect that gives readers the exact feeling of flipping through the book.

Using these animated flipbooks… you can achieve success quickly, impress clients, stand

EazyFlipBook Personal