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Subject – Traffic + Leads = SALES! Get all the Traffic you NEED…


Yes! there are 1.79 Billion monthly active users on Facebook

Just for this fact, it makes sense to market there, right?

There is a huge Problem though

Doing all the hard-manual work, post daily, spending money on ADS, will make you lose time, and most of the time, lose money

Today I want to introduce you to Facebook Auto Poster

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Here’s FB Auto best benefits

  • Post to Unlimited Pages and Groups
  • Automate your entire Facebook Marketing Efforts
  • 5 Different post types supported
    • Status Updates
    • Text
    • Links
    • Photos
    • Videos

Get traffic, leads and sales on complete autopilot

Set your posts up to go out automatically to pages, profiles and groups.

Set and Forget

You didn’t get into internet marketing to be tied to your computer did you?

Big Time Saver just waiting for you

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[Email 2]

Subject – Time is Money – Automated Your Money!

I Truly believe that this is an important tool for your business.

You have 2 choices with you online marketing.  Do it manually (taking all your time)


Automate and let technology to do the menial work for you. FB Group Profits is perfect for

automating your Facebook Marketing.

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Why is it important?

Everyone knows that social media is “THE” place to find customers.


You can spend all your precious time posting manually


Automate and save time for the more important aspects of your business.

This incredible program called FB Goup Profits Automates EVERYTHING for you.

Not only can you put up content for Facebook including pages, groups, images and videos

you can schedule them for days, even months in advance!

How cool is that!

This will truly change the way your marketing is done forever!

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So step into 2017 and get Total Automation Domination…

Stay miles in front of your competition.

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Subject – FB Group Profits is a BIG TIME game changer…


Let me show you how just one tiny feature of FB Group Profits will save you hours.

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When I want to post an update to groups, (there are over 250 of them that I use)

This helps get heaps of exposure for my offer every time

Now, the last thing you want to do is post to all of these groups manually one at a time!

I mean who has time for that, right?

So what I do is post to each group every day on autopilot. All I do is…

  1. Add the Title of my post
  2. Add the image I want in my post
  3. Add a description of what I’m offering
  4. Add a “Call To Action”
  5. Pick the groups I want to post to(I just select all my groups)
  6. Press start posting.

This whole process takes me about 3 – 4 minutes.  Now I can relax and let FB Group Profits do all my marketing for me.

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[Email 4]

Subject – Can you keep a secret?


Those words still ring in my ear every day.

I first heard about it back in 2013.

A new way to automate Facebook marketing…

When I first came across the secret that was creating so many success stories, I almost didn’t believe it.

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Keep this hush hush my friend.


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