FB Smart Messenger 3.0

Create Profit Sucking Facebook Bots
That Generates Massive Leads & Sales Without Using A Single Line Of Code!

Includes Built-In SMS & Email Marketing Software

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  • Setup 24/7 Automatic Bot Responses
  • Autoreply to messenger messages and post comments
  • 1-Click Lead Capture:  Name/Email/Phone etc.
  • Send Bulk FB Messages To Subscribers
  • Close Sales while you are sleeping
  • Built-In SMS (Text) Marketing
  • Send Emails to Bot Subscriber's

Take Advantage of Facebook’s Popularity

Facebook is not slowing down anytime soon.

The widely popular social media site is used by over one billion people around the world, and that it includes Messenger. Users of the app enjoy FB Smart Messenger because it is easy to use. They don’t have to click through several links or pages to get to where they want.

This advantage is suitable for businesses who want to communicate with their base on the ground level. FB Smart Messenger has the same easiness and convenience that is attractive to Facebook users. When they engage with the software, they are provided with simple and easy to understand information that can give them an informative opinion on a product or company.

This customer service is available when they need it and without a wait time.

Improve Customer Service With FB Smart Messenger

With FB Smart Messenger, you are going to enhance and improve whatever customer service you provide now with our app. We take into consideration all customer service aspects when it comes to our software. We have high-quality answers that can satisfy customers and lead them to make quick purchasing decisions. The immediate response time stops the potential buyer from leaving your page to buy a product elsewhere.

The FB Smart Messenger also gives you the option of switching to an actual human operator when questions get advanced, or you want to take the reins on a potential sale. With FB Smart Messenger, you really can have your cake and eat it too! You now have customizable customer service with swift communication and automation tools that are designed to facilitate growth and visibility.

So, What Can Smart Messenger Do For Your Business?

Multiplies Your Conversions: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE bots stop your visitors from aimlessly scrolling and direct their attention directly to your sale, sign up or service. Helping you to close every time.

Amplifies Your Engagement: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE bots engage your prospects with real-time conversation, personalization and fun. Building trust, rapport and treating each and every one of your visitors like a person and not just a statistic.

Surges Your Sales: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE bots grab your prospect’s attention, keep them focused on ‘the prize’ and don’t let go until you make the sale. Every time.

Boosts Your ROI: 10x the power of your traffic with engagement boosting bots that make sure that your traffic is never wasted and visitors never leave your page without giving you what you want.

‘Set and Forget’ You create your bots exactly how you want them. Then set them to ‘go’ and allow them to do the hard work, without you ever having to lift a finger again.

Cloud-Based: Build your bots online, in app, with absolutely nothing to download ever.

Realistic, Personal Automation: Next generation artificial intelligence interacts with your customers in real time, as if they were real people. Your customers never have to know you’re not really there! Once you’ve created your bots, you never have to lift another finger ever.

Unlimited Everything: Create or customize as many ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE bots as you like for yourself AND paying clients with NO LIMITS

Fast, Easy (And FUN!) To Build: Use our template driven builder with Drag n’ Drop ease to build attention-grabbing perfect bots in just minutes. No coding experience or technical knowledge needed! 100% NEWBIE FRIENDLY.

Never Been Seen In Our Market Before Technology: Using our app users you can create all types of bots that cannot be found on any other software in the market. (Our closest competitors charge over $797 PER MONTH for the same kind of service!)

Set FB Smart Messenger In 3 Easy Steps!


You can create an automated(bot) or Human (Human Hybrid) chatbot. No coding or technical skills required.


Design conversations to utilize "Simple" or "Multiple Choice" or something more complex. No coding or technical skills required.


Publish your bot everywhere your users are. No coding or technical skills required.

No need to spend too much time on Facebook

FB Smart Messenger Is A Complete Chatbot solution

Powerful Visual Editor

The best conversational editor in the market. Drag and Drop to your heart's content.

Super Easy Installation

Choose a template, clone and publish your first chatbot literally within minutes!

Centralized Inbox

Bring your customer support and social media teams
together with FB Smart Messenger.

Built-In SMS & Email Marketing Tools Included

Instantly send SMS or Mass Email To Your Subscriber With Built In Campaign Manager

  • Schedule Campaigns
  • Works With Major APIs
  • No Limitations
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Twilio/Pivio/ClickaTell
  • Email Integrations






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