ChatGPT Didn't Have A Voice... Until Now!
Instantly Generate
High Quality Content
AND Give It A Voice
With A Few Clicks!

Now You Can Effortlessly Create Profit-Pulling And Compelling Content Including: Emails, Advertisements, Articles, Blog Posts, Podcasts, Video Scripts, Sales Letters, And More For Your Own Business Or Your Clients!

2-In-1 ChatGPT Powered App | GPT Writing Tool | GPT Speech Creator
Built-In Prompts | Customizable DFY Sales Content | Commercial License

Groundbreaking AI App With ChatGPT Integrated Directly Into It!
Generate and Sell Human-Like Professional Voiceovers At Lightning-Fast Speed In a Few Simple Clicks!
Premade Content Available - Email Swipes, Articles, Sales Scripts, Sales Copies Available With 200+ Templates In Top Niches!
Commercial License To Sell All of the Content at Any Price for Maximum Profits!
Generate 70% More Engaging Content Than Industry Average
Instantly Generate Text With 30% Less Errors Than Industry Average!
Save Hours Spent Copywriting, by Letting Our App Do the Writing For You!
Create Successful Campaigns For All Social Media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Etc.)
Create Personalized Content For the Tone And Style of Your Brand or Your Client's Brand
Beginners Can Easily Use This! You DON'T Need Any Programming or Copywriting Skills.

And You Can Do All Of This For Just One Tiny Investment

One Time Investment

No Monthly Fees

Cloud Based

Create GPT Powered Content At Lightning

Speed - In Just 3 Simple Steps:

Just tell our GPT Writer what you want it to write, or choose from over 300 prewritten prompts. You can also use our DFY customizable content such as email swipes, scripts, articles, and sales letters.

In a matter of minutes, you will see your content automatically created for you! Any content you request, such as emails, sales scripts, articles, and blog posts will be generated and easily customizable.

This content is YOURS to use in your own business, or sell it to clients for big profits! Then do it again!

Use the built-in GPT Writing tool to generate a voiceover script. Within minutes, the app will generate a script for your videos, podcasts, audio books, ads, and more. You could also customize a script from our DFY content, or write your own script if you actually enjoy writing!

Simply copy and paste the script into the Vox Generator. Select your preferred language, accent, tone, pitch, and volume. In a matter of minutes, your voiceover is ready to download. Optionally add background music from our built-in library or bring your own.

These voiceovers are yours to use in your own business, or sell them to clients for big profits! Rinse and repeat!

Check Out How We Generated Amazing Income Selling GPTVoicer
Services On Fiverr And Other Freelance Platforms.

GPTVoicer Is Built For Anyone Looking To Make QUICK Profits
Selling Excellent Content To Businesses!

Ready For A 6 Figure Income Business That Sells Itself?

The Global AI Market Is Expected To Reach $190.61 Billion By 2025!

Take Advantage, Seize The Opportunity & Capitalise On It With ChatGPT Marketing Revolution!

Getting GPTVoicer Is The Easiest Way To Start A Profitable Business Offering A Hot Service That Sells Itself – A Fantastic Side Earner To Your Main Business!

With Our Commercial License, Create And Sell Content For Top Dollar And Generate Huge Paychecks Month After Month!

Here’s How:

For Your Existing Customers, Instantly Create ChatGPT Powered Business Content For Them Or Generate Voiceovers For Their Projects And Get Paid Handsomely.


If You Are A Newbie, Now You Have A Smoking Hot, Advanced A.I Content Creation/ Voiceover Generation Service You Can Sell To Thousands Of Biz Owners, Professionals, Content Creators All Around The World.


Offer High-End Services And Make Big Bucks:

Sell Top-Quality Proven To Convert Marketing Material – Ads, Copies, Sales Scripts, Product Descriptions, Articles Etc

Sell Text-To-Speech Services And Voiceover Generation For Clients Projects

Create And Sell Successful Social Media Campaigns (FB, Twitter, Instagram, And Whatsapp)

Generate & Sell Voice-Over For Engaging Sales Videos, Video Sales Letters, Animated Videos, Explainer Videos, Instagram & FB Marketing Videos, TV Commercials Etc

Sell Voiceover Related Services Like Podcast, Audio Books etc

Provide Lead Generation Services Through Personalised Content

Sell Information Products Like – Ebooks, Brand Guides, Tutorials, Articles, Blogs Etc

Provide Consultancy And Offer Online Courses

Sell SEO Optimized Content Services




"GPTVoicer" Is A Breakthrough In Technology. In Just
A Few Clicks, It Is Enabling Our Users And Agencies
To Unlock The Full Potential Of Open AI And ChatGPT.

Watch How GPTVoicer Generates Any Text From ChatGPT And
Turns Your Boring Script Into Interesting Voiceovers!

Note: For Using ChatGPT, Get The API Generated In A Few Minutes And Integrate It With The
Software To Get Going! Step-By-Step Process Is Detailed In Training Videos

It Will Replace Your Next 5 Software Apps You Need To Do
Your Complete Online Business In One Place.



Sales Copywriter

Voiceover Artist

Content Creator

You Can Literally Outsource All Your Content Creation Tasks To Our Fully Automated
App, Hook Your Potential Clients And Wow Them With The Quality.

Website And Landing Page Copy

Blogs, Articles, And Guest Posts

Social Media Posts And Captions

Product Descriptions And Reviews

Ad Copy And Banners

Press Releases And Media Pitches.

Infographics And Visual Content

Whitepapers And Ebooks

SEO Optimized Content.

Email Newsletters And Marketing Campaigns

Video Scripts

Audiobooks & Podcasts

Voiceovers For Whiteboard, Explainer, and other videos

Voiceover For Ads, TV Commercials Etc

Voiceovers for tutorials, online courses etc

Big Brands & Corporates Using ChatGPT:

This Revolutionary Technology Can Improve Nearly
All Aspects Of Business, Including:

Streamlining Customer Service,

Generating Marketing Content.

Improved Customer Satisfaction Levels,

Increase In Sales And Profits...

Lead Generation

Saving Time,

Improved Efficiency

Reducing Costs, And

You Can Now Use The Same Technology Used By Top Brands To Drive Higher Engagement And Retention In GPTVoicer & Watch Your Business Grow!

GPTVoicer Can Delight You And Your Clients By Saving Hours Of Effort And Cost…Boost Productivity, And Ultimately Stay Competitive – All The While Without Breaking The Bank With Overwhelming Overhead Costs.

GPTVoicer Can help Your business To

  • Get Ideas For New Content & Designing A Content Plan Through ChatGPT
  • Create ChatGPT powered Proven-To-Convert Sales Material - Copies, Ads, Video Scripts, Email Swipes Etc And Improve Marketing.
  • Generate Personalized Content & Voiceovers That Is Consistent With The Business’s Tone, Style, Brand And Voice.
  • Create GPT powered Voice-Over For Engaging Sales Videos, Video Sales Letters, Animated Videos, Explainer Videos, Instagram & FB Marketing Videos, TV Commercials Etc
  • Save Time, Money, Resources!
  • Creating Engaging Content Through ChatGPT – Ebooks, Podcasts, Blogs, Articles, Tutorials Etc That Resonates With Their Target Audience & Improves Conversions
  • Creating Content That Generates Leads – Quizzes, Forms, Questionnaires Etc/b>
  • Generate Creative, Captivating, Error Free, And Highly Accurate Content At High Speed!
  • Keep Employees Engaged By Automating Routine Tasks Such As Content Creation, Report Generation, Translation Etc.

Voiceovers Are More Relevant Than Ever in 2023!

Not to mention that

  • Audiobooks Will Hit $19.4 Billion In 2027
  • Podcasts Will Have 424.2 Million Listeners In 2023
  • Voiceover Jobs Posted On Freelance Sites Have Grown By More Than 40% Year‑Over‑Year.

We know how Social Media Video Marketing, Video Blogs, And Interactive Videos Have Played A Part In Surging Demand For Voice Talent across the Globe..The Need For Voice Talent Is Just Growing.


GPTVoicer’s Phenomenal A.I Based Speech Converter Comes Loaded With Following Capabilities:

  • Translate Text – To – Speech Into Stunning voice overs
  • Add voiceover, watermark, logos, background music to videos
  • Choose from 150 voices and 50+ Languages
  • Speed Controls – Modulate Voice, Pitch, Tone, Volume And Speed
  • Add Music Of Your Choice
  • Create Voiceovers Upto 1000 - 3000 characters per voiceover
  • Use Voice Overs with ANY Video Editing Software, Simply Upload & You’re Done!

Easily Generate Voiceovers for...

  • Social Media Videos
  • Video Games
  • Vlogs
  • Interactive Videos – eLearning Sector
  • Podcasts, AudioBooks etc
  • Ads, product marketing, Tutorials, Online courses
  • Educational, Explainer, Whiteboard, Sales, Animated Videos etc.

The list is endless…

Dear Business Owner,

Are You Still Struggling With Content Creation That Fails To Deliver Results?

  • Are You Creating Content The Old Way - Spending Hours On Tedious Writing, Dependent On Freelancers, Expensive Softwares? – And Still, It Doesn’t Sell.
  • Struggling To Get Customers And Losing Out On Profits?
  • Lack Of Time Or Money And Not Knowing Where To Start All
  • Lack Of Technical Know-How – Writing Posts, Maintaining social media, Record Voiceovers, Shoot Videos Can Lead To Burnout

You Are Paying Expensive Subscription For Apps That Don’t Work.

You Are Paying Expensive Subscription For Apps That Don’t Work.

You Are Paying Expensive Subscription For Apps That Don’t Work.

You Are Paying Expensive Subscription For Apps That Don’t Work.

And After All These Efforts, You Do Not See Any Real Success You Desire...

Its 2023...And Despite The Tools Available You Are’nt Happy With Your Online Earnings..

And Then There Are Other Challenges As Well…

  • Writer’s block
  • Feel Burnout All The Time
  • Unable to Meet Deadlines
  • Lack Of Continuous Motivation
  • You don’t know How To Grow Your Audience
  • Struggling to Engage With Followers On Social Media
  • Keeping Up With Trends And Changes
  • You are struggling To Find Enough Time For Everything

Hence, You resort to the last option..

Pay Expensive Subscriptions For Apps Or Hire
Freelancers For Content Creation..

So, Let’s Do Some Math.

So, For All Your Content Needs, You Could Be Paying Roughly $5000+ Per Marketing Project!

That’s Huge!

Just Imagine If You Could Replace All These Expensive Apps/Freelancers–
With One
Easy-To-Use, Highly Advanced, ChatGPT powered.
A.I App

That Does All The Content Creation Within The App - At An Accuracy And Speed More Than Of A Human..For A Much Lower Price

Say ‘No’ To Expensive Monthly Subscriptions & Crazy High One-Time Fee!

With GPTVoicer, You Pay Nowhere Near Those Big prices – It Gives You Both – Content Creation Tool & Voiceover Generator – At One Low Price Of $16.95 For Personal Use & $17.95 For Commercial Rights.(This Launch Special Is Expiring Soon)

You Pay ONLY ONCE For Both The Tools in one app, so you can Grow Your Business Using The Most Capable AI Technology In The Market.

With 2-In-1 GPTVoicer,

  • Say Goodbye To Hours Of Copywriting Wasted On Producing Sales Material, Finding Ready-Made Content & Recording Voiceovers
  • Say Goodbye To Expensive Voiceover Artists & Apps producing Robotic Voices!
  • Say Goodbye To Expensive Freelancers, Content Writers, Graphic Designers Etc
  • Say Goodbye To Running around Looking For New Sources Of Content.
  • Say Goodbye To Pesky Apps And Spending Time And Resources In Learning Technical Know-How
  • Say Goodbye To Losing Customers, Seeing Poor Conversions And Low Sales Numbers.


  • Say Hello To Engaging, High-Quality Content, Voiceovers In A Matter Of Minutes.
  • Say Hello To Generating Excellent Marketing Material – Copies, Ads, Video Scripts, Email Swipes Etc
  • Say Hello Generating Professional, Natural Sounding Voiceovers For Own Business Or Client Projects
  • Say Hello To Faster, Cheaper, And High Quality Content Than Traditional Means.
  • Say Hello To High Conversions, Increased Customer Retention And Boost In Profits.
  • Say Hello To Investing Resources For True Business Growth


World’s First ever 2-in-1 ChatGPT Powered AI App - Say Adios to Tedious Writing & Robotic
Voiceovers and Hello to Compelling, High-Quality Content!

Create stunning blogs, email swipes, Ads, Articles, Podcasts, scripts, sales copies, Videos, and Voiceovers
In Any Language - For Your Marketing Needs - At Lightning Speed And More Profits!!

GPTVoicer = GPT Writing Tool + GPT Speech Converter +
Readymade Sales Content In Top Niches

Easy. Ultra-Fast. Powerful.

GPTVoicer Comes Loaded With Advanced AI Technologies Combined In
One Platform For Marketers & Creators:

GPT Writing Tool:

This Is The Most Powerful Tool Where You Generate Real Time
Fresh Content From ChatGPT Inside The App –

Name It And This Tool Will Create It – Be It Sales Copies, Press
Releases, Website Content, Quizzes, Essays, Ads, Social Media
Campaigns, Any Script For Voiceover, Tutorials, Podcast Scripts,
Ebooks – Literally Any Content On The Planet!

All You Need To Do Is Put A Keyword And It Can Generate
Thousands Of Words Which Can Be Converted Into Any
Content Or Audio Within Minutes!

GPT Speech Convertor:

The Ultimate Tool For Creating Personal Voiceovers Quickly And Easily!

Easily Create a script from GPT writing tool and upload or upload your own script in the Tool & click generate. Create Powerful And Distinctive Voiceovers That Stand Out From The Competition.

Customize your voiceovers with Powerful Editing Capabilities:

  • Choose from 150 voices and 50+ Languages:
  • Speed Controls – modulate voice, pitch, tone, volume and speed
  • Add Music Of Your Choice
  • Voiceover Can Be Used With Any Video Editing Software

GPTVoicer Comes Loaded With Advanced AI Technologies Combined In
One Platform For Marketers & Creators:

Readymade DFY Content:
Marketing Material

You Can Choose From Ready To Use Templates To Create
Email Swipes, Articles, Sales Scripts And Sales Copies In
Hot Niches. Edit Easily With A Few Clicks And Suit Your Needs.

  • Email Swipes – 100+ Email Swipes Templates In 37 Angles
  • Articles – 240 + Articles In 30 Topics In 3 Niches
  • Sales Copies – 100+ Templates
  • Video Scripts – 100+ Sales Video Scripts Templates

The Templates Are Carefully Selected From In-Demand Niches -
Self-Help, Health & Fitness, Internet Marketing.


Save files upto 1 GB per month. Once consumed, you can download the old files to your system and save the new ones in App storage.

Just Follow These Steps:


As Soon As You Login To The App, You Will Have Access
To Dashboard. From Here You Can Choose Your Option
Whether You Want To Go To GPT Writing Tool Or GPT
Speech Converter To Generate Voiceover

Choose GPT Writing Tool & Generate Content

Put Any Topic In The Writing Tool For Which You Need Content Like Create Sales Copies, Blogs, Articles, Essays, Ebooks, Press Release Etc. It Will Instantly Generate from The ChatGPT Integrated In The App.

OR Choose Readymade DFY Content

You have access to the old writing tool and choose readymade Email swipes, video scripts, sales copies, and articles in hot niches.

Generate Desired Content Either Through GPT Writing Tool Or Readymade DFY And Customize.

Use & Profit

Just Save The Generated Content And Use It For Your
Business As You Like and Profit.

Create Content From GPT
Writing Tool OR DFY Content:

Create Script from ChatGPT Writing Tool or from The DFY Readymade content tool.

Generate Voiceover From

GPT Speech Converter:

Then Hop On to The Speech Converter, Click On New Voiceover (VOX) and Simply Upload Your ChatGPT Text/ Script, Or DFY script in the tool. Customize it with desired Output Volume, Speaking Speed, Language And Voice Type. To generate the file, Click On Generate Vox.


Now You Are All Done. Within Minutes, You Have Your
New Real Sounding A.I Powered Voiceover Which You
Can Download And Save To Your System and use it for
your business needs.

In "MY Vox Tab" – You Can Go and View All Your Vox
Files That Are Saved.

Creating Stunning content from ChatGPT & Realistic
Human Speech Voiceovers in one single App Has
Never Been Simpler, Easier... And Cheaper!

Millions Of People Are Trying Out ChatGPT!

Professionals Across Industries Have Hopped On To ChatGPT For Improving Their Work Efficiency…Hence, Unlimited Businesses Can Be Your Customers

On the other hand, There are Content Creators, Entrepreneurs who Lack Either The Skillset Or The Time To Make The Kind Of Content That GPTVoicer will create In A Couple Of Minutes.

They Are Desperately Looking For These Services…And End Up Paying Huge Costs To Freelancers And Apps!

Now With Our GPTVoicer Commercial License, You Can Bury Freelancers & Useless Apps By Selling Advanced A.I Powered Content & Voiceovers To Businesses For A Much Lower Price!

Sell not just GPT Powered Content But Voiceover Creation As well & Charge Premium Money… Businesses Will Not Have To Go Anywhere Else.

Grab The GPTVoicer Commercial License Today And Take 30 Minutes To Sign Up For A Service Like Upwork, Fiverr, And You’ll Unlock A Secondary Income With A Serious Upside.

ChatGPT Powered Content Creation & Voiceovers That Take MINUTES To Create & Are SELLING Like Crazy On Freelancing Sites...

Hence, This is the easiest you will ever make

Just imagine the possibilities. Of creating a 6 – 7 Figure Income annually...

Smart People Are Already Using This Opportunity To Make Millions...

Moreover, You Can Tap Into Buyers From Any Niche

IT, Real Estate, Medical, Digital Marketing Agencies, Health Care

Customer Service In Any Industry

Content Creators & Company Employees

Teachers, Educationists, Tech Companies, Fintech, Lawyers

The List Is Endless

Sell These Services Separately Or
Together Is Your Choice...

Sign Up As A Freelancer And Provide Content Creation Services To Brands, And Content Creators

Sign Up As A Freelancer And Provide Content Creation Services To Brands, And Content Creators

Sign Up As A Freelancer And Provide Content Creation Services To Brands, And Content Creators

As a business, You Can Have Several Streams Of Income...

  • Sell Marketing & Sales Material Content Creation
  • Sell Voiceover Generation
  • Sell Podcasts, Audio Books Etc
  • Sell Social Media Campaign Creation
  • Offer Consultancy

No Other A.I Text-To-Speech And Content Creation Apps Even Comes Close To What GPTVoicer Does

We’re Not Joking When We Say This. There have been No Compromises!

We Have Used The Most Advanced Tesla Approved Technology - ChatGPT – That Has Disrupted The Business Landscape - Some Never Seen Before - To Ensure This All-In-One Software OUTPERFORMS Any Individual Software Currently Available.