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Unlock the PRO Edition and You Will MULTIPLY the Power of AiVideoSuite!

Longer Videos, Higher Limits, and More Features

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Here's What

This Upgrade Will Do For You:

Stunning visuals

Stable Diffusion-powered AI Graphic Creation at your fingertips!

Easily create

GPT-4 powered longer whiteboard videos with longer voiceovers!

DFY 100+

Horizontal video templates with extra features!

Create prompts

with ChatGPT and convert into AI graphics


voiceovers upto 20k characters per voiceover!


Stable Diffusion-powered AI Graphic Creation at your fingertips!

Easily charge

$200+ from clients!


revenue from multiple income streams 24/7!

Saves You

even more time and money by doing MORE for you!

The Upgrade That MULTIPLIES Your Results WITHOUT Additional Work Required From You...

AiVideoSuite Pro Edition

This is an important option

for our valued new customers.

Get ready to witness a revolution in sales and marketing with AiVideoSuite Pro - our ultimate productivity booster upgrade. The Pro Edition is loaded with an AI graphic tool and added features for superior quality and even more captivating AI videos and voiceovers.

One small example: the Pro Edition DOUBLES the limits on your whiteboard videos. It will create scripts twice the length, and double the number of slides in the video.

Here Are The Profit-Boosting

Features and Tools in This Upgrade

to UNLEASH the full potential of AiVideoSuite and GPT-4:

Stable Diffusion Graphics Generator -

Whether you need eye-catching social media graphics, compelling infographics, or striking logos, our AI Graphic Generator has got you covered. Simply type what you want, and let the AI go to work creating stunning visuals.

Alternatively, you can create graphics from stock images. Just type in a keyword and boom! the image is ready.

With the PRO Edition, you can effortlessly create unique and eye-catching artwork that captures your brand's unique style and message.

Create AI Graphics On-Demand:

Type in any subject into our AI graphic-generating tool. In moments your AI image is ready - perfect and stunning!

We are using a cutting-edge AI graphics engine even better than the one included in some of our previous tools.

This particular engine even excels at creating images of people.

Check out these amazing works of art created with AiVideoSuite PRO! We are proud to say that these images were personally crafted using our tool and are 100% original. These are no stock photos.

Create UNLIMITED AI graphics for

whiteboard sales videos, explainer videos, business ads, product

promos, and any other type of video.

Searchable horizontal & vertical stock images (Unlimited)

There is no limit to the searchable stock images for both horizontal and vertical videos.

Use them for your all of your projects and client projects.

100+ Customizable Horizontal Video Templates

In your current membership, you can only create vertical shorts, and have 100 vertical templates included.

This PRO Edition adds the ability to create horizontal shorts, and includes 100 horizontal templates.

Instantly create stunning horizontal videos and ads for your social feeds from this vast library of editable video templates in 11 hot niches.

You can edit them in the editor or search for a template by keyword.

11 Hot Niches Included:

The templates are organized into categories from 11 in-demand niches for all your video needs. This also allows you to easily take on new agency clients in any of these niches.

Niches include: Real estate, Food, Fitness, Automobiles, Fashion, Business, Education, Travel, Hotel, Footwear, and Super Sale.

Take a look at a few of

the stunning video templates...

Watch how you can create horizontal

video “shorts” in under 1 minute:

Unlimited Searchable Stock Videos

Just enter any keywords, and the app will find relevant royalty-free stock videos that you can instantly use in our platform for any project.

You can instantly bring the video into our editor to customize it for your own business, or any client. Since there are stock videos for virtually every possible niche, this allows you to serve any and all clients.

Voiceover limit extended:

Create an unlimited number of voiceovers now up to 20k characters per voiceover.

In your current membership, the limit is 6k characters per voiceover. So the Pro upgrade MORE than doubles the limit to 20k. That's huge, because now you can create longer projects like audiobooks, podcasts, and long-length sales videos.

Create attractive and jaw-dropping

whiteboard videos with additional effects:

100 DFY video frames for whiteboard videos

Your current membership does not include any frames, and the Pro Edition includes 100 of them! These frames can be added to any of your whiteboard videos (such as sales videos, squeeze page videos, tutorials, etc.). The frames REALLY add a lot, and make the videos "pop".

Your audience will be more attracted the the videos with these frames, and your clients will be impressed! A great selection of colors and styles are included to fit any video project.

Whiteboard video creation in multiple languages!

Now you can create videos in multiple languages and reach a wider audience. Your current membership has only English voices for the whiteboard videos. (To be clear, you do have multiple languages on the Voiceover tool, but only English within the whiteboard creator which is what you'll use to create videos).

This one feature alone is well worth the price of this upgrade. Now you'll be able to instantly generate videos in any language, so you can break into any market, or take on clients from any country. Over 100 voices are included, covering every major language.

Create longer whiteboard videos with DOUBLE the slides

Again this ONE feature is well-worth the price of this upgrade. In your current membership, your limit is 2000 characters and 10 slides per AI whiteboard video. This PRO upgrade doubles those limits to 4000 characters and 20 slides.

Being able to create longer videos is going to be a HUGE advantage. This is especially the case if you want to create longer sales videos, or create tutorials for any complex subjects. As a quick example, the video that Eric created at the top of this page contains 17 slides. In other words, that's how many slides we're using in a real-life sales video. You can create sales videos with 10 slides, but a limit of 20 slides is going to be SO much better.

And as a reminder - it's not like you have to spend more time creating the slides. Our AI video maker CREATES them for you! So you're literally doubling the power of what our AI will do for you.

More font families

It offers an expanded selection of font options for your text overlays.

In this case, more is better. More options for both you and for your client projects.

Text animation

Additionally, it provides various animation effects to bring your text to life.

Your current membership does not have animation options on the whiteboard videos. This Pro upgrade adds this great capability that will make your videos even more appealing and impactful.

Edit your videos

with additional effects:

Video Fade feature

With this feature, you can seamlessly fade in or fade out your video clips, creating a visually pleasing and polished effect.

Search video watermark and image watermark

With the Pro edition you can search for and add videos and images as overlays or watermarks within the videos that you create in AiVideoSuite.

Audio can be uploaded from local

This feature enables you to easily upload audio files directly from your local device into the software. This is a particularly valuable feature in case your clients have their own audio track or "jingle" for their business.

Perform stock video search and overlay them on your video -

Easily search for stock videos within the software and seamlessly add them as overlays to your own videos. (Your current membership has the ability to add stock images as overlays, but not videos)

Edit your videos

Downloadable Fitness Videos Included!

700 Fitness HD Videos

Health and fitness is one of the biggest and most profitable niches on the web, so we want to give you an extra boost. The Pro edition includes a vast library of 700+ health and fitness videos that can be used for your own projects, sold to your customers, or used in your clients' projects.

You can import any of these videos into our editor and use them within any video project. With such a wide variety of options, the possibilities are endless.

So as you've seen, the PRO upgrade absolutely MULTIPLIES your opportunties by giving you more tools, more powerful features, and more assets to take your business to the next level.