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Upgrade & Unlock 100 Editable Horizontal Video
MarketingTemplates & Unlimited Searchable Templates, Additional Storage & Thousands worth Of Stock Videos 

W/ Full Commercial Rights!

  • Additional 100 Editable Horizontal Vertical Video Templates In 10 Niches.
  • Significant boost in profits with increased capacity of video production
  • Create stunning Video Content For Facebook, Instagram & Other Social Media Without Any Hard Work – All in one dashboard
  • Create videos from Unlimited Searchable horizontal templates from the web.
  • Sell Unlimited no. of Horizontal Videos of 30-60 seconds each W/ Commercial Rights!
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Dear Marketer!

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You Now Have A Revolutionary Vertical Video Creator App At Your Fingertips, That Instantly Creates Hundreds Of Social Media Ready Vertical Videos In 11 Niches Which Will Start Making Money For You Immediately.

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Create hundreds of Horizontal Videos From Inside The Same App for your business...

W/ Commercial License, Just Add Horizontal Video Creation To Your Service Offerings

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Create hundreds of Stunning Horizontal Videos in 11 Niches, unlimited Searchable & 100 Editable Horizontal marketing templates, Designed To Stop-The-Scroll And Optimized For Social Media Feeds & Ads – Garner Millions Of Views & Make Jaw-Dropping Income!

100+ Customizable Horizontal Video Templates

Instantly Create Stunning Horizontal Videos & Ads For Your Social Feeds From A Vast Library Of 100 editable Video Templates In 11 Hot Niches and unlimited searchable templates.

You can edit them in the editor or search for a template of choice from the web.

11 Hot Niches:

The Templates are carefully selected from in-demand 11 Hot Niches for all your video needs. Niches include – Real estate, Food, Fitness, Automobiles, fashion, Business, Education, Travel, Hotel, Footwear, Super Sale.

Unlimited Searchable Horizontal Videos

Just Enter That Keywords, Select Your Choice Of
Horizontal Video template And The App Finds
Your Choice Of Video Templates From Public
Domains On The Web. Choose any horizontal
video from search and create horizontal video of
your choice in the App.

Download & Publish

Once You Have Finalized the video Inside The App, Simply Download It In Your System, Share It On The Web And Start Getting Tons Of Free Traffic, Leads, And Sales!

Get Thousands 2Worth Of Downloadable stock Videos For Free!

10,000 Vertical Videos

Get access to a vast library of 10,000 Vertical Videos that can be downloaded and used for your video needs.

10,000 Horizontal Videos

Get access to a vast library of 10,000 Horizontal Videos that can be downloaded and used for your video needs.

This Is All In Addition To Other Common Features Of The App...

Rich-Featured Powerful Built-In Template Editor

Once you select a video Marketing Template, You
can Edit it easily.

Smart Built-In Video Editor With More Features:

You can also go to My Videos section & Edit Videos with more powerful features. Select Video and

In-Built VOX Maker

In the Vox maker, Create Your Own Multilingual
Voiceover With your own Script. Select Accent,
Add Music, Choose Language From 100+
Languages, Generate And Add It To Your Vertical Videos.

Add VOX To Videos

Create your own Voiceover In The VOX Creator and Add it To Your Vertical Video Template.

Generate Vox With Background Music

In The VOX Creator, Background Music can also
be merged with the vox file and you can add this
musical vox to your videos.

Convert Horizontal Videos Into Vertical Videos

Our Robust Editor That Will Let You Easily Convert Your Horizontal Videos Into A Vertical Frame.

Commercial License

Get exclusive rights to sell horizontal videos as well.
Add horizontal videos to your service offerings,
Reach out to More Businesses Or Charge Double
The Money From Existing Clients For providing
horizontal videos too!

Now You Can Explode Your Client’s Social
Media Feeds With Vertical & Horizontal Videos
For Increased Conversions, Sales In Minutes,
Not Months...

Share On Social Media

In The Shorts Video Editor, You Can Share The Video Once Finalized, Directly On Any Social Media Channel – All From Inside The App.

70+ Social Media Channels:

It’s not Just YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, but
InstantVidz gives you access to 70+ social
channels to share your video directly from inside
the App.

Storage Increased - Upto 2 GB:

You Can Create And Store Unlimited Videos But Only Upto 2 GB Of Storage On The Cloud. Once 2 Gb Is Consumed, You Can Download Those Files Into Your System And 2 Gb Storage Would Be Available Again For Creating & Saving New Video Files.

Do You Want Your Videos To Run On Multiple Platforms And Get Maximum Engagement?

Then Have A Combination Of Both Vertical & Horizontal Videos As A Part Of Your Wider Video Marketing Strategy.

  • On YouTube, 75% Of Consumers Prefer To Watch Videos With A Horizontal Aspect Ratio.
  • Going Horizontal On A Platform Like Instagram, TikTok, Or Snapchat Can Make You Appear Too Old School. So, Go vertical on them.
  • Vertical TikTok Videos Have A 25% Higher Watch-Through Rate Than Horizontal TikTok Videos (TikTok).

Social Media Formats And Expectations 
Are Ever-Changing.

A Smart Marketer Is One Who Knows What His Video Needs For Different Social Media Channels Are… To have a higher following and subscriber base, You Need Both types of Videos As You Share Across Different Mediums -

When You Upgrade To Pro Today, You Will Have The Capability To Create Horizontal Videos Too, From Inside The Same App For A Minor Increase In Price…No Need To Pay Extra Anywhere Else For Your Other Video Needs.

Imagine Doing It For Your InstantVidz Clients..

The more followers and customers they have, the more money they will make. So, win-win for all.

Don’t Get Left Behind. Outsmart Your Competitors & Establish Yourself As An Authority Like A Smart Marketer With A Successful Brand

So, Here’s What We Did…

We pumped in an insane amount of extra money…to upgrade our system, design unique merge features, unlocked unlimited access to everything and created something EXCLUSIVELY for you.

That’s why InstantVidz Pro is something that will speed up your video creation, unlock professional features, video storage, giving you the ability to create studio quality videos you should be creating.