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Invisible Optin Upgrade

Upgrade To PRO Right Now To Boost Your Leads Without Any Hard Work Required

LeadPal Pro Version

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LeadPal PRO Adds 3 Powerful Feature Additions
 That Make LeadPal A Complete No Brainer Solution:

1. Remove ‘Powered By’ Branding
2. Custom Domain Integration
3. Connect Up To 80 Social Apps


Remove Our ‘Powered By’ Branding

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Makes LeadPal look more professional,
Users have no way of knowing that your lead page has any

connection to LeadPal,

so you stay in control The only links on the page are yours


Custom Domain Integration

With LeadPal PRO, you can add up to 10 custom domains.
Having a custom domain name builds trust and authority which helps
 to increase opt-in rates.

With this feature, along side the removal of our footer links,
your lead pages have no connection with LeadPal giving you complete control


Connect Up To 80 Social Apps

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This allows you to connect 10 social apps per account,
with a total of 80 social apps per license

More social app connections allows you to cast a wider net for leads
This gives you the authority to use your own social apps,
instead of using our branded apps.
With this you can customize your apps with your own branding.