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I want to congratulate you again on the great investment decision you have made today.

Regardless whether you decided to get a PRO upgrade or not, you are all set to make a big positive change in your business.

Because we want you to be really successful, we have this one more feature upgrade.

Luxury Upgrade Is Totally Optional
But You Would Really Want It

We call this upgrade Luxury, because while it is totally optional, you would really want it to save time and have even greater potential for massive results.

Luxury upgrade gives you the ability to email a reminder to people as many times as you want, until they open an email or unsubscribe; to sync leads to multiple autoresponders from the same campaign; to send special offers; to use QR codes; to add retargeting pixels; and to get weekly stats by email.

The Ability To Re-send Reminder Emails

Let's talk first about the ability to re-send reminder emails.

Regular version sends one reminder email, which is already great because people can continue buying from the point they left off, but when people miss that email that’s it, you lost a customer.

With the Luxury version, you can keep sending people reminders until they open an email or unsubscribe from them.

Many More Chances To Remind People

The bottom line is that it gives you many more chances to remind people to get whatever offer you are promoting.

On top of that, the reminder emails are sent by our servers, so you do not even need to use your autoresponder for that to work.

The Ability To Sync Your Emails To Many Autoresponders From The Same Campaign

The next very important feature is the ability to sync your emails to many autoresponders from the same campaign.

There are two major reasons to do that.

First reason is that email delivery quality for a specific autoresponder seems to be changing by day.

Avoid “Shared” Penalty

It is because an autoresponder service is shared between accounts, and the server may have temporary significant reduction of inboxing due to other service users either sending spam or just having spam filter trigger words in their emails.

In short, you may get temporarily penalized by a big email service provider simply because you are on a shared autoresponder service.

Temporary in this case may mean a day or a few, depending how bad the incident is.

The Ability To Sync Your Emails To Many Autoresponders From The Same Campaign

This is the very reason why autoresponders companies are so quick to terminate accounts with low open rates and poor list quality.

While with Leadono you are protected from fake, misspelled, and throw away email addresses, the other users of your autoresponder company’s might not be, and it might affect you for periods of time.

This is why it is smart to not keep all your eggs in the one basket, and have your list hosted in multiple autoresponders.

You CAN Lose Your Autoresponder Account Of Many Years With No Warning.

In case one of your autoresponder accounts delivers your promotions straight to spam, you could use the other account to keep reaching people inboxes.

The second reason why it is smart to host your list on multiple autoresponders accounts is, as mentioned before, the fact that autoresponder companies are quick to terminate accounts.

Quite recently we have chatted with a recognized marketer who lost his autoresponder account of 15 years with no warning.

Do Not Became One Of Those Horror Stories

You have probably already heard other horror stories from many people having their autoresponder account terminated with the list gone forever.

Since autoresponder companies almost never tell you the reason for account termination you never know for sure why it affected you.

It could be as simple as you sending promotions too often, or in case when you have both Leadono and other leads, those other leads might be causing red flags on the service you use.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Whatever the reasons for the autoresponder account termination might be, it is better to be safe than sorry with syncing your lead to multiple autoresponder accounts.

If you lose one account, you are not out of business and you can continue working from the other one.

QR Code Powered Lead Capture

The next great feature is the ability to open your lead capture page from the phone by just scanning a QR code.

QR code can be used anywhere online and offline.

This year QR codes became a really big deal, and now they are widely adopted because of the COVID-19 pandemic

QR Codes Became A Really Big Deal
Because Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

If you recently went to a restaurant, you might have noticed that you no longer get a printed menu like it used to be before the pandemic.

Instead they tell you to scan a QR code and read the menu on the phone.

Restaurants are just one example -- now you can find QR codes online, in public transportation, shopping malls, libraries, and pretty much anywhere where people can see it.

Never In The History QR Code Played
Such A Prominent Role Like Now

Pandemic changed how people live, and one of those changes is the widespread use of QR codes for touchless contact.

The bottom line is that scanning a QR code became a very natural thing people do every day.

When somebody sees a QR code, they immediately know they should point their phone’s camera on the QR code, and touch on the notification which shows right after.

After people touch on that notification, it opens your Leadono landing page, then people just choose the platform, and push their name and email to your list with

Automatically Send Special Offers
& Discount Codes

The next business boosting feature, which can help you profit more, is the ability to send special offers and discount codes inside the reminder emails.

With the Luxury upgrade you can add special offers and discount codes for both your own and affiliate products right in the editor.

It is a super easy and fast way to boost sales because people love specials and discounts.

So with the Luxury upgrade, you have a real shot on effortless profit boost without extra traffic or subscribers

Retargeting On Steroids

Leadono’s next amazing feature gives you the full power to retarget all visitors to your lead capture page from one of 6 most popular platforms.

Leadono allows you to add tracking pixels for Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, LikenIn, and Quora so you can choose your favorite one or add them all at the same time.

It is common knowledge that the best performing ads are the retargeting ones. If you ever ran paid ads, you already know that they are performing best.

If you ever wanted to start using paid ads but you did not know where to start to maximize profits, the best way is to go for the lowest hanging fruit with the retargeting ads.

Unlock Weekly Stats By Email To Maximize Profit

And last but not least, on top of everything mentioned above, you will get weekly stats by email.

You will get info on performance of the various lead pages and opt-in rates, the drop off or submission rate for each campaign, and track the social app that the visitor followed to subscribe and what links were touched or clicked.

It tremendously helps you to make the best decision to maximize profit and remove n
on performing campaigns.

Here Is What You Get

You Get The Ability To:

  • Email a reminder to people as many times as you want, until they open an email or unsubscribe
  • Sync leads to multiple autoresponders from the same campaign
  • Send special offers and discounts codes
  • Use QR codes
  • Add retargeting pixels from 6 platforms
  • Get weekly stats by email.

Extraordinary Chance To Get the Luxury Upgrade For A Limited Time Discounted Price

As you can see, while Luxury upgrade is optional, it is super powerful.

So if you want to get a real shot on significantly boosting your business, it is a no brainer to get it right now, while the special early adopter price lasts.

Because obviously sending and re-sending reminders and syncing to multiple lists takes toll on the servers, we will need to increase price as soon as early adopter special ends.

Price could rise to $197 as soon as tomorrow, but today you can still get Leadop Luxury upgrade for a low bottom founder one-time special price.

Founders Special Deal

Leadono Luxury

The Ability To:

  • Email a reminder to people as many times as you want, until they open an email or unsubscribe
  • Sync leads to multiple autoresponders from the same campaign
  • Send special offers and discounts codes
  • Use QR codes
  • Add retargeting pixels from 6 platforms
  • Get weekly stats by email.


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