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10 Amazing Features That Will Explode
Your Digital Marketing

Not Getting This is Hazardous For Your Business

Create UNLIMITED Profiles

(Elite only has 10)

Unlimited Account



on 10 devices.

Live Free

Proxy List

Advanced anti-detect


50 Outreach Message


Unlimited Profiles (Elite only has 10)

The Pro version of Logii Browser supports unlimited login profiles. 10 profiles are enough for a solo marketer slowly growing, but for a pro marketer that is not enough.

You will want to make sure you can support profiles for your business and all your team members. With Unlimited profiles you will never need to worry.

Live Proxy List

Want to put in a free proxy? Logii Pro makes it easier with the in-built live proxy list. These are public free proxies that are live right now. You can use them with Logii browser.

Check in anytime and find a free proxy to use.

Install on 10 Devices (Elite only has 3)

Got a team and want to use Logii Browser on all your computers? No worries! With Logii Pro you can install Logii on 10 machines. Use it on the computers you want and even your client machines. It’s easy and scalable with the Pro version of Logii. Don’t miss out.

Unlimited Account Sharing

Want to share your marketing account with a team member or an associate, or need to get access to a client’s account? Logii Pro makes it easy with Unlimited sharing. Share as much as you want.

Advanced Anti-Detect Features

Logii Browser Pro is the more advanced version of the Logii Browser with advanced protection features that we have made available only to Pro buyers. These algorithms make your accounts even safer.

This is a must have for ad account users.

50 Outreach Message Templates

Readymade message templates that you can use to connect with prospects and break the ice. These are the tried and working ice-breaking messages that get you replied and buyers.

2 Years of free upgrades

Logii Browser is a flagship product for us. It’s growing and evolving continuously. Our team is at work all the time, making it better and better.

The professional version of Logii Browser gets you all future upgrades for 2 years. You won’t have to pay again and you will also be protected from future price-hikes.