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  • Exchange digital contact and collect leads easily
  • Ability To Schedule Blocks At Your Own Time.
  • Ability To Schedule Links To Go Live At A Particular Time.
  • Ability To Hide And Show Time-Based Blocks.
  • Loaded With Advanced Analytics.
  • Priority Customer Support Provided.
  • Commercial License To Offer Creation, Social Media Marketing And Lead Generation Services 
  • Link Policing Element Available.

Upgrading To Linkable Pro Will Upscale Your Game With…

The Ability To Never Lose A Customer By Scheduling Blocks To Make Them Go Live At A Particular Time!

The Ability To Never Lose Any Leads By Scheduling Your Sale, Campaign, Deal Links To Go Live At A Time Of Your Choice!

The Ability To Engage Your Users Unlike Before By Choosing Unique Template Designs For Each Page Under A Profile!

able Pro

Tap Supersonic Traffic, Leads, Conversions By Upgrading To A Winning Solution Just At A One-Time Price!

Linkable Pro Is A Game-Changer!

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Exchange Digital Contact and Collect Leads for Any Business

Imagine going to a physical event or sharing your Linkable Page or QR code anywhere online. When people click on your link or scan your QR code, they will be see your Bio page with a contact overlay on the page. This will let them exchange contact information with you.

Ability To Schedule Blocks To Go Live At A Particular Time

It will finally become easier for you to schedule your blocks like videos and others to go live at a specific time.

It is best for anyone with a targeted audience in a different time zone to engage them without staying awake and setting blocks to go live in the dead of night.

Ability To Schedule Links To Go Live At A Specific Time

If you have a mid-night sale coming up and you don’t want to stay awake at that time to make your sales links go live on your social platforms, it will be possible!

Now, getting maximum traction from every sale on your social media pages will be possible for any biz.

Ability To Showcase Or Hide Blocks

There are times when you would like to display some blocks, like for a time-centric deal, and hide them once the offer period is over. Again, you will be able to showcase any particular block for a particular time and hide them later, making them go live.

Thanks to this Linkable Pro feature, managing this facility will become possible instead of deleting or creating a block from scratch, wasting your time and effort.

Ability To Highlight Priority Content

Here is a great feature to hold the attention of your users for massive traffic. Yes, if you want your users’ eyeballs on a specific block or CTA, it will now be possible with this feature.

Once you use this Linkable Pro feature, you can prioritize any content leading to an increase in the engagements of users without doing anything on your own. Simply select any block you wish to give priority to, and you are sorted.

Ability To Choose Unique Template Design For Each Page Under A Profile

Now, for every page under a profile, you will be able to choose a stunning template design.

For example, suppose you have a main profile for Digital Marketing Services and have pages for Content Writing Services and Search Engine Optimization Services. In that case, you can choose unique template designs for each.

Link Policing Made Available

You will be able to secure some links which will open with secret codes.

If you have some offers running, your users will be able to open the links for them using the sent code via email. In addition, it will be possible for you to generate the code in the backend and share it via email or other modes with users.

Accessibility, like the number of times a code can be used, can also be controlled. Features like age-appropriate content and sensitive content are also enabled.

Ability To Save As Template

It will be possible for you to create any template from scratch or simply modify one that you have earlier saved as a template for future use.

This way, you can always come back to modify your saved template and complete it at your own comfort.

Ability To Clone A Page

It will be possible to you to easily clone a page. Then, using the same, you will be able to use it for any other purpose or simply another client.

Ability To Track Your Performance Reports With Advanced Analytics

It will be possible for you to use advanced analytics elements to track the performance of your campaigns, giving you deep insights.

You will be able to know the most clicked, total revenue earned, and even choose the duration of each parameter from 1 week to 14 days to 3 months to 1 year o custom dates.

And So, So Much More…