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  • Video Creation, Hosting, Management
  • No Agency Access
  • Hosting for up to 20 videos
  • Import Videos From Youtube/Vimeo (No API Needed)
  • Screen-cast Video Recording (with Screen, Audio & Camera Recording Simultaneously)
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Recording Mode
  • Webcam Video Recording
  • 50 GB Storage Space
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 Video Playlists
  • 10 Video Channels
  • Creating and Editing Timecodes
  • Add Video Subtitles
  • Drag n’ Drop Video Upload
  • Resumeable Video Upload
  • Animated Progress Bar
  • Playback speed control
  • SEO Optimized Video & Page
    Standard Video Hosting & Marketing Solution (No Ads on Video)
  • Embed Code Constructor (Embed Video on Any Websites, Stores, or Pages)
  • Capture Audience Attention & Boost Engagements
    Get Viral Traffic From 9 Top Platforms


Q. Why is Viddle better than the other video hosting platforms?
A. Well simply because it is a one-stop-shop…with other apps you need so many tools to manage videos. However, when you get Viddle you can host, stream, and publish videos from one powerful dashboard that has limitless features. The best part is that you pay such a small amount for such a great product!

Q. Does This Work On Both Mac & PC?
A. Yes, Viddle works seamlessly on any device or operating software of your choice. Simply login to experience the magic.

Q. Is There Any Training Included?
A. Yes, when you buy Viddle today, you also get our step-by-step tutorial to help you manage your videos effortlessly within minutes.

Q. Do You Charge Any Monthly Fees?
A. You’re in luck! During this limited period offer, Viddle is being offered at a one-time low cost. However at the end of this offer, new users will have to pay a monthly fee.

Q. Can I manage client videos from my dashboard?
Absolutely. Our agency license helps you manage video campaigns for your clients to help you make big profits with no hassles.

Q. Will each sub-account get the same package?
A. All your Sub-accounts created through the Agency package share your combined storage of 300 GB

Get in touch with our support desk at www.appclicksupportdesk.comshould you have any more questions. We would love to answer all your questions. See you on the inside.