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SuperCharge your Results with Unlimited Workspaces, Enhanced Refinement Options, Custom Prompts and Agency License To Create Accounts

Unlimited Workspace

Unlimited Prompt History

Advanced Prompt Refinement

Export Response as a PDF


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Unlimited Workspace

Organize your work in multiple workspaces. You can have all your research inside ChatGPT organized under different workspaces or you can have the work you do for each client organized under a different workspace. Makes it easy to stay organized and easily get the information you need anytime from anywhere.

Unlimited Prompt History

This removes all the restrictions on the prompt history that you can store. You can save unlimited interactions with ChatGPT inside your workspace and retrieve it anytime you want

Advanced Prompt Refinement

Get laser targeted results with advanced refinement options like writing style, copywriting Framework and ability to dig deeper.

For example with the writing style, one can get the responses in a friendly tone or humorous tone or even empathetic tone.

When you refine a copywriting framework you can get answers written in AIDA framework or PAS framework and so on..

Dig deeper helps you expand, contextualize, elaborate, compare, personalize and so on..

Export Response as a PDF

With this feature you can export the responses you got into a PDF and share it with anyone easily.

Add Custom Prompts

This is a game-changing feature that lets you add custom prompts. You can add your own categories and type in and add prompts that you will frequently use. You can even add tags that will create, fill up the blanks kind of Prompts for you to use inside ChatGPT across projects.

Ability to create User Accounts

Start your own Prompt GPT Agency! By being able to create user accounts for your customers,

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