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What’s the one thing that EVERYONE who markets online CAN’T DO WITHOUT?

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Get instant access to our dedicated support team, direct from the dashboard

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With PR Rage 2.0 - You will be able to find only the highest value domains for the lowest prices - giving you the highest ROI possible! (I’ve bought domains for $10 and sold them for $? Within x? Hours / Days)

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Know ACCURATELY what profit you will get from a domain BEFORE you buy it! Esitbot Pricing indicators

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You can search for ONLY 6-letter or less domains. (or 8, or 7)Specify your maximum domain length for maximum value

With PR Rage, It’s So Easy For You To Find, Flip & Profit


Search By:


When you find a domain that’s 9 years old (this can happen every day with PR Rage 2.0) - you’re going to be jumping for joy at the value! Search for any age - or go for those really high value antique domains for the biggest profits.


Backlinks are the lifeblood of domain profits. PR Rage shows the backlinks associated with EVERY domain - so you can easily find the ones that Google loves the most and flip for the most profit, and the links so you can find and secure the profitable ones.

Domain Extension

All of the most popular and profitable extensions are included. Although we commonly perceive .com to be the most’ll be surprised at how many of THESE extensions will give you paydays you’ll want to repeat again and again.


Unlike your local highway traffic - the busier the traffic to a domain - the more valuable it is for you. With PR Rage you can search only for high traffic domains - and that’s traffic that’s actually going to make you happy.

Auction Style

Grab the biggest bargains with the largest ROI by searching by buy now, make an offer, bid, offer with buy now, or search all options together at once.

PR Rage 2.0 will even automatically show you the hottest and most profitable related domains - so you’re never far from a profitable domain to flip.

Have The Entire Domain Database At Your Fingertips

Pulling directly from the biggest and most comprehensive domain databases on the planet - you have every profitable domain at your fingertips - ready to snatch before your competitors with just one click.

Build A Wishlist List Of Domains

So you’ve always got your eyes on the prize...monitoring and watching them for increased profit potential or for potential clients...

Being prepared makes you a winner.

Effortlessly Navigate With An Intuitive User-Friendly Dashboard


Exactly Like This:

Turning $10 into $200 won't buy a ferrari but when you do it over and over it adds up fast!

Let’s Have A Closer Look At

Those Killer Features:

Killer Feature

Bag the best domains - The MILLISECOND they become available!

With PR Rage’s alert system, you can be alerted to the very second the most valuable domains drop -

Making sure it’s YOU that snatches those highest value domains for the lowest price!

Killer Feature

Check For Active Google My Business Listings! 

Killer Feature

You can search for ONLY 6-letter or less domains.

With PR Rage’s clever search features, you can search for ONLY those most profitable domains.

Simply choose your parameters and search for:

  • Domains with less than 6-letters
  • Domains with tons of existing traffic
  • The oldest domains

And so much more...

Killer Feature

See How Much Each Domain Is Really Worth BEFORE You Buy. Integrates Seamlessly With Estibot - The Leading Domain Valuer.

Having an accurate valuation can make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

And save costly mistakes –

Meaning you can predict accurately how much you will be able to sell each domain for, so you have an idea of how much money you’ll be pocketing before you even get started.

PR Rage’s Profit Predictor is your key to predictable safe profiting with your domains. (And let’s face it, right now, everyone needs a bit of predictability!)

And That’s Not Even All You’re Getting...

The Upgrade 'UNLIMITED'

Value: $279

The first part of our launch special offer, is that you will not have ANY restrictions on the amount of domains you can research.

After launch, this will be our top Tier (costing way more per month), but you will get that top tier access immediately with your purchase.

Unlimited Searches. Unlimited Results.

and Unlimited PASSIVE hunting alerts - PR RAGE will keep hunting for hot domains while you sleep!

The 6 Figure Domain Academy

Value: $497

When we say that you will have the guidance of some of the best in the world... we really mean it. 

The 6 figure Domain Academy is a series of 3 interviews and a 25 Page booklet, outlining the EXACT methods that some of the best domainers in the world are sharing.

How one guy bought a domain for $10 and sold it for $24,000

Another who's rental portfolio is over 6 figures a MONTH.

These are the guides waiting for you.

6 Figure Domain Strategy Webinars (2 Part Series)

Value: $179

We go through, Step by step - everything to take you from DOMAIN NOVICE right through to flipping domains daily!.

What to search for, what makes a domain more valuable than another. Some INSTANT strategies to boost your returns that anyone can do, in under 5 minutes

and my secret method for reaching the BUYERS or RENTERS of your domains in a way that works 24x7

Ongoing Discount For Related Domains

Value: $197

To say this is only worth $197 implies that you are only going to DIP your toes in... as this discount can put MASSIVE profits in your pocket, each and every time. If you're going to play BIG this will be worth WAY more.

As Robert Kiyosaki Says "You Make Money When you BUY" and that's true. We have negotiated an ONGOING discount for anyone that purchases the related domains through PR RAGE so that EVERY related domain you purchase will deliver MORE PROFIT for you.

6-Figure Domain Academy

I’m not only giving you the software solution to make fast big profits from domains -

I’m even going to take you by the hand and show you every aspect of what I do to flip domains for 500x + what I paid for them.

Every technique - all transparently laid on the table for you to follow and make profits for yourself. Techniques like:

  • The #1 Thing Your Domain Needs To Make Sure You’ve Got A $500+ Sale
  • Who To Sell Which Domain To For The Highest Profit
  • How To Close A Recurring Deal Every Time With Every Client

And that’s ALL INCLUDED. All as standard.

Excellent, I’m Ready To Start Finding, Flipping And Profiting Fast

But what’s this piece of total awesomeness going to cost me? Well a hell of a lot less than you think considering the ROI you are going to get!

But ONLY if you grab it now during this very special, time-limited launch period!

As soon as the clock strikes at the end of this time-limited launch period - PR Rage will be rolled out as a $67 per month subscription service.

For this special offer only, we are offering you the seriously unique opportunity to bag yourself a charter license to PR Rage (no subscription required!) for the price of 1 year 6 months… JUST 1 MONTH!

And you will NEVER have to pay another cent for your all inclusive domain finding, flipping and profiting service ever again.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Literally have no clue. What to buy, how to sell.... Will you help me?

Yes - Got you covered. In the first of the two webinar, we'll be covering everything from start to finish. Even if you've never thought of this before, you'll have a solid path to head down.

I have never flipped  a domain before, would this work for me.

Absolutely. Using and profiting with PR Rage required no technical skills. PR Rage churns out profitable domains for you to buy and then sell completely hands-off.

When I get access to PR Rage today… how will I access it?

You will immediately be emailed your login details. Your access and domaining empire starts today!

Alright, I am in. How do I get started?

Just Get Instant Access Here. The simple to follow setting-up tutorials will help you get started in no time.