Quick VCards Features

Don't just share your business cards, provide actionable CTAs

 to your prospects to reach using Interactive vCards.

No need to carry business cards !

Share your digital business card using

Quick V Card.

Easily send your contact information via SMS, Email or Whatsapp (Without saving their number).

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Click 2 Call!

Quick V Card allows you customer to reach you with just a click?  

A Regular Business Card does not provide that kind of convenience

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They can Whatsapp you, Without saving your number!

Yes! Recipients can tap "Click to Whatsapp" feature on your Quick V Card and can immediately begin chatting with you.

Being available to your customer on their preferred communication device builds trust!

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Lead Capture Form

Lead Generation is the life blood of any business.  Quick V Card has a built in Leads Capture system that sends an email notification for each lead submission.

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Instantly Redirect to your Online Site or Retail Location

Quick V Card can provides CLICK TO NAVIGATE feature. People can get turn by turn navigation to your business location using Google Map. 

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Prospects can Easily Save your All Your Contact Data!

95% of the printed business cards get lost forgotten or find their way to the trash.

But with Quick V Card, your recipients can add your contact information to their Phone without typing anything by using "Save to Phone" feature.

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Click to Email

Your recipients can send you an email in just few clicks. They can easily reach you to know more about your products and services.

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Click to Website

57% of the customers who contact vendors have already made up their mind to buy a product. Customers these days are smart and gather information from all over the internet.

Quick V Card, provides the Click To Website feature allowing your prospects to gather more information about your products at their convenience.

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Business Card QR Code

Whenever you meet people in person, you can always ask them to scan your digital business card QR code, so that they can instantly access and store your contact information in their mobile device.

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Share or Forward your Business Card

Getting References from existing customers is the key element for a sustainable Sales Growth.

With share card feature, your customers can forward your stunning Quick V Card with their friends and business network.

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Send Quick V Card Directly Easily through Whatsapp and Email

When networking just ask for their name and phone number and you can send your digital business card on Whatsapp, without even saving their number. You can also ask for name and email, and you can send your Quick V Card to your prospects with just couple of clicks.

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