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Upgrade To Quiz Target Pro To Quickly Take Your Results To The Next Level!

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  • Unlock Special Bonus Tools & Features Worth of $7950
  • Build Custom Audience Funnels Right Inside Facebook & Google quiz builder tools
  • QuizTarget Hosted Quiz URLs (No Website & No Landing Page)
  • Get Unlimited Website License Pack
  • Create Unlimited Campaigns & Grab Unlimited Leads
  • Get Leadlock Pro & My Convert Lab

Upgrading To The Pro Version Is Highly Recommended For
Marketers Who Want Even Better Results, Fast!

Upgrade To QuizTarget Pro NOW…
And Unlock Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of
Game-Changing Features & Bonuses…

With QuizTarget Pro License You Are Getting:

Unlimited Quiz Campaigns

Create unlimited quiz campaigns without any limitations. It means unlimited leads for you! Perfect if you’re running multiple offers, websites or businesses!

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Unlimited Leads License

QuizTarget Pro gives the license to grab unlimited leads. It means unlimited income for you!

In your QuizTarget Commercial Licence, you can grab only 5000 leads. But with QuizTarget Pro License you can grab unlimited leads for a lifetime. Perfect for marketers and businesses.

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Unlimited Website License

Run quizzes on as many websites as you like, forever! Perfect for agencies, affiliates, consultants, local marketers and multiple biz owners!

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Add A “Sticky Quiz” Button

Add your quiz button to any website, in any location! Use a Sticky Side Button, Floating Bottom Button, Floating Bottom Button with Image or even a Floating Popup that appears on the left or right of the screen.

These buttons will stay on the screen as people scroll or browse your site, boosting your quiz engagement and bringing you more leads, sales and cash today!

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Zapier Integration

Easily connect your favourite time-saving apps including Gmail, Slack, Autorepsonders, Tracking and heaps more!

No need to screw with coding or hire developers. It’s all done in a couple of clicks!

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Build Custom Audience Funnels - Facebook Pixel And Google Tag Manager Integration

Easy Facebook pixel and Google tag integration in a couple of clicks.

Now you can build custom audiences for remarketing and fire events based on the quiz taker’s answers or Quiz results! You can even create custom audiences who didn’t complete your quiz!

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Auto Scheduling -
Get Leads and Sales on Autopilot

Choose a time and day to make your quiz go live. And your lead generation Quiz Campaign will go live automatically on that day. Generate leads and sales on Autopilot. Perfect for launches, multiple site owners or agencies.

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A/B Testing

Test multiple combos of quiz campaigns, questions flow, templates, branding and optin forms all at once to discover the most profitable quiz in your arsenal!

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Easy Facebook And Google Logins -
Get More People To Opt-In To Your Quiz!

Google and Facebook logins make it easier than ever for people to take your quiz and see their results. Reduce friction, boost response rate and build your list faster.

You can even use their Google or Facebook info to show a personalized version of their Quiz - watch your response rate blow up!

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30 Done For Quiz Campaigns Save Heaps Of Time And Money!

Get additional 30 awesome DFY money-making quiz campaigns that will save you time and money as you scale your profits!

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10 Pro Quiz Templates

Add these beautiful 10 pro quiz templates to your arsenal and watch your quizzes convert like crazy. Grab attention with pro designs that grab attention, deepen engagement and never get old.

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Auto-Hosted Quizzes -
No Website or Landing Pages Needed!

No website or landing pages needed! Automatically create a self-hosted URL for your Quiz Campaigns ready for you to share on social media or emails. No website, landing pages or coding required! Now you can build your list and make money anywhere, any time!

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Super-engaging Quiz Transition Effects

People love animations and when you’ll apply them to quizzes, they will stay hooked to your quizzes.

That’s why with the QuizTarget Pro version we are giving additional super engaging quiz transition (animation) effects.

With these pro effects, your quiz completion rates will boost like never before, allowing you to get more leads.

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Add Music To Your Quizzes

Engage people like never before with background music that hooks them in and keeps them moving forward with your quiz.

Use ambient tunes to set the mood, from party vibes to Halloween sounds, Christmas songs or gentle relaxing melodies. It’s your call!

Or how about a music quiz (name this tune?) The possibilities are endless!

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Easy Marketing Automation

Easily manage data, workflows and automation sequences across all your favourite marketing platforms and 3rd party tools.

Perfect for serious marketers who are ready to scale their income fast.

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Reseller Rights to Reddule ($297)

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The first and only "all-in-one" training and software for getting targeted traffic and leads on autopilot from Reddit while simultaneously protecting your reputation and Reddit 'Karma'!

Reddule is a total solution for providing targeted traffic and leads businesses can count on longterm to make sales with.

It's is divided into two parts, a step-by-step training program and groundbreaking automation software.

Part 1. Reddule Traffic Training - Inside this 9 module HD video and audio program you'll learn our biggest secrets to crushing it on Reddit in a detailed, step-by-step blueprint.

Part 2. Reddule Cloud App - Reddule is It’s a groundbreaking solution that finally "cracks-the-code" for passive traffic and leads from Reddit in any niche while fully being in compliance with Reddit's API.

Let's Recap
Upgrade To QuizTarget Pro
Right Now And You're Getting:

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 + Special Bonus Reddule Worth $297

    (Bonus $297 Reddit Automation Software and Training)

That's thousands of dollars worth of done-for-you quizzes, tools and killer new features to help you build bigger lists and make even more money with QuizTarget starting now...

...but you don't have to pay anything close to that!

In face, you're getting all of these advanced goodies for just one tiny fee instead!

We’re Taking On All The Risk

If For Any Reason You Are Not Satisfied With The QuizTarget Pro In The Next 14 Days, Just Let Our Support Team Know And We’ll Issue You A Prompt Refund. No Questions Asked. It Means, A Full 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

  • Build your list faster
  • Scale your business
  • Engage more people and get more quiz completions
  • Automate lead generation process and save time
  • Save your heaps of money!
  • And much more…
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So Why Wait?
For One Tiny Investment, All Of These Powerful Money-Boosting Features Are Instantly Unlocked And Ready For You To Cash In With… Right Inside Your Dashboard… Right Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I really need to upgrade to the QuizTarget Pro version?

Yes, it’s highly recommended for serious marketers who want to work on multiple sites/ multiple offers and who want to grab unlimited leads by creating unlimited campaigns.

In your Commercial License of QuizTarget you get limitations on Campaigns, Websites and Leads. But if you upgrade to QuizTarget Pro you get full access without any limitations.

Plus, you get additional powerful features and bonuses which are not available in the Front End version.

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I want to grab unlimited leads for my business, is this pack really helpful?

This QuizTarget Pro license gives you the prowess to acquire unlimited leads for a lifetime – it is a must for businesses and marketers!

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How can I build custom audience funnels?

You can build Custom Audience Funnels right inside your Facebook audience or Google audience set.

Using Facebook Pixel Integration and Google Tag Manager Code Integration, you can fire events based on the quiz taker’s answers or Quiz results.

You can also create custom audiences who did not complete your quiz!