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Presenting SociLinks

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Introducing SociLinks: Your all-in-one bio page builder for effortless self-promotion.

With Socilinks You Can:

  • Connect Your Website: Drive traffic to your main platform.
  • Promote Your Social media profiles: Connect with your audience on all channels.
  • Add Your Videos: Share your work and engage your audience.
  • Add Donation links: Make giving and supporting you easy.
  • Add Call-to-action buttons: Get people to subscribe, buy, or take action.
  • Add Opt-in forms: Build your email list and connect directly with new visitors.

Features & Benefits

Create Bio Pages:

  • Consolidate everything: Showcase your website, social profiles, videos, and more in one easily accessible location.
  • Unleash your creativity: Customize your bio page with a variety of design options to match your brand identity.

Engage Your Audience:

  • Video Bio: Capture attention by adding eye-catching videos from popular platforms like YouTube and TikTok.
  • FAQ Module: Answer common questions directly on your bio page.
  • Book Appointments: Streamline the booking process by allowing users to schedule appointments directly through your bio link.

Grow Your Audience:

  • Generate Leads: Capture valuable leads like email addresses and phone numbers with ease, integrating seamlessly with Mailchimp and web hooks.
  • Expand with Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your audience engagement through detailed reports.
  • Share Links Strategically: Schedule and share multiple links on social media, maximizing engagement and control over your online presence.

Monetize Your Influence:

  • Sell Products: Sell and collect payments directly through your bio page. Offer ebooks, courses, templates, music, software, and anything else your audience finds valuable.
  • Accept Donations: Make it easy for supporters to donate directly through your bio page, fostering deeper connections.

See SociLinks in Action:
Watch the Demo Video