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Create Unlimited Sites & Communities

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Bulk Email Notifications & Broadcasts

Send promotions, updates, & more to all your members instantly.

Get Our Best Templates

Get our most premium templates in the most profitable niches.

Add Banner Ads & Popup Banners

Monetize your sites and communities with ease.

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SmartCommunity Gold

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Create Unlimited Sites & Communities

Due to bandwidth restrictions, there was a cap on the number of sites you could create However, with the unlimited license, you can make as many sites and communities as you need and scale your agency as large as you want.


Create Unlimited Site Channels

Plus, you can create unlimited channels for your sites and communities now, advertising and sharing whatever you want in your communities.


Create Unlimited Courses & Products

Like sites, there was a cap number on the number of courses and products you could sell on the front-end version. But now, create as many courses and sell as many products as you need making your earnings potential unlimited.


Add Banner Ads & Popup Banners

Monetize your sites and communities with ease with this crucial upgrade. Display banners that lead to high-ticket products, affiliate products, or webinars for example. Include pop-up banners to get leads and even sell advertising space to others on your group.


Get Our Best Templates

You’ll get extra, premium templates in our hottest and most lucrative niches. Save hours of work with these premium ready-to-go templates.


Pinned Sticky Post Technology

Allow certain members and admins to pin posts to the top of each group that stay there.

Very important to call attention to products and sales happening.


Bulk Email Notifications & Broadcasts

Send promotions, updates, & more to all your members instantly with the bulk email broadcast technology upgrade you’ll get with the Gold upgrade.


Mass Tag Technology

An extremely POWERFUL upgrade! Allow certain members to tag all the group members at once and send them notifications to their profiles and emails.

This is one of the easiest ways to alert ALL your leads to certain sales or products with 100% notice rate (greater than emails or text messages!)

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SmartCommunity Gold

Includes the Following:

  • Create Unlimited Sites & Communities
  • Create Unlimited Site Channels
  • Create Unlimited Courses & Products
  • Add Banner Ads & Popup Banners
  • Get Our Best Templates
  • Bulk Email Notifications & Broadcasts
  • Advanced List Segmentation