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StoriApp Unlimited

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  • Sell digital products & collect payments right inside your web stories
  • Display product price & other details + supply an external link to help customers buy

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Mobile Commerce

Sell digital products & collect payments right inside your
web stories

Mobile Commerce

Create an amazing checkout experience for your customers right inside your web stories

Mobile Commerce

Display product price & other details + supply an external link to help customers buy

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Create & Publish Unlimited Web Stories

Web Stories are PERFECT for hyping up announcements, promoting flash sales and discount codes, and offering exclusive content to followers.

And with this UNLIMITED Edition… you’re free to create as many web stories for as many sites, blogs, landing pages, & even billboards as you want – for your business & for your clients as well. Instantly add YOUR Stories EVERYWHERE at the click of a button.

Run Unlimited Polls & Quizzes

Marketers have known that quizzes are a great tool for marketing ever since BuzzFeed's wild success.

That’s why… with STORI UNLIMITED we have REMOVED all limits on the number of quizzes & polls you can create & use for your business & for your clients.

So go ahead & create as many quizzes as you want & make your stories go VIRAL!

Create Unlimited Stores

The stunning web stories you’ll now be able to create in just SECONDS… using STORI will help you engage & drive your audience to buy from you. And that makes having a digital store really important.

With STORI Unlimited… you can now create & integrate as many digital stores as you want right inside your web stories.

Watch your conversions skyrocket as you allow visitors to buy your products & services at the height of their excitement levels.

Unlock New & Powerful Features

Mobile Commerce

Connect with your customers in a fresh, immersive way through your web stories – let them explore your brand and shop the featured product directly from your stories.

Yes… STORI Unlimited integrates the power of m-commerce inside your web stories sending your conversions through the roof.

Allow your customers to take action when they are most likely to buy as they watch your web story and love your products.

Product Tagging

This feature allows you to tag your products on your web stories.

With each product tagging, you get the ability to provide the user with more detailed information and seamlessly drive the user to purchase.

STORI Unlimited makes it super-easy to display the product price and details on your web stories and also provide an external link for purchase completion.

Save Your Story As A Template

Did a web story you created using STORI converted really well?

Is a client keen on getting similar types of stories in the long-run… with the same colors & logos etc.

Don’t waste time creating same-looking stories again and again. With STORI Unlimited you can simply save any story you want to reuse as a template.

Next time you get down to work… over 70% of the work would be already ready.

Additional Premium Resources

Take the guesswork out of what's converting… and let us help you grow your business & brand. Quit thinking about having to purchase any additional templates for your web stories (which in most cases will cost more than $20 each).

Instead, let us add our years of template creation experience to your account – setting your web Stories up for even more success.

These new templates are going to stand out and grab your audience’s attention for a super low cost.

50 DFY Premium Stori Templates

50 Premium Fonts