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Vertical Content Is Now The
NEW King

People spend most of their browsing time on their phone and don’t want to have to adjust their handset to consume content.

Snapchat helped drive vertical content into the user consciousness with Stories.

Users wanted to take photos – and view them – quickly, without having to waste precious seconds altering their handset position.

Instead of having videos landscape, as they had always been almost without question, Snapchat Stories turned videos on their heads.

The Most Popular Form Of Vertical Content - ‘Stories’ Are Infiltrating ALL Popular Platforms Today…

Snapchat launched its Stories feature back in 2013, with Instagram and Facebook jumping on the bandwagon more recently.

Stories are PREFECT for hyping up announcements, promoting flash sales and discount codes, and offering exclusive content to followers.

Even the business-focused LinkedIn and Slack… adopted Stories.

But this format didn’t stop on the social networks…

… and inspired Google to develop a new web technology called Web Stories.

Web Stories are fast, Google Web Vitals compliant, and designed specifically for mobile gadgets.

You can share your Web Story anywhere across the web, and it will be live forever.

When viewing a Web Story, only the content itself is displayed, all other elements of the website, including the header and footer, are not accessible.

This means the story not only stands out, but it’s also the only game in town.

And the best part… According to Google, a Web Story can be indexed and ranked in search results alongside ordinary content.

Create STUNNING & IMMERSIVE Web Stories For Your Business & Your Clients In 3 Easy Steps!


Pick A DFY Template Or Start With
A Blank Canvas


Add Interactive Elements & CTAs/Buy Links


Publish On Any Website Or Share
In 1-Click

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