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This upgrade unlocks additional features so you can get more hot buyer traffic for better results. We’ll show you how we’re able to 10X our profits with this upgrade and how we unlock even more traffic for FREE.

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Automatically Upgraded Dashboard

Your dashboard is automatically updated with all the advanced features inside this upgrade, so there’s no action required on your part.

Advanced Video Search Functionality

When you upgrade to TubeTargeter Deluxe, the first thing you’ll notice that’s been added to the dashboard is advanced video search functionality that allows you to find videos based on length, license, and popularity.

Easy Video Filtering


You’ll also be able to filter between recent videos within a certain date range to easily find the best videos with ease.

Built-In Keyword

Research Tool

You’ll get access to the keyword research tool to find more popular and trending keywords for a better placement.

Upgraded Channel

Research Tool

 Get access to the upgraded channel research tool that allows you to find the most popular monetized videos on any channel with the click of your mouse.


Unlock an advanced geolocation-based targeting feature so your video ads are perfectly tailored to the right audience which means lower costs and higher conversions.

Video Info Grabber

Get access to the Video Info Grabber that makes it as easy as a click of your mouse to spy on your competitor’s videos so you can know exactly what they’re doing in their campaigns and see where your videos are ranking.

Tap Into FREE Google And YouTube Traffic

Find out how other videos are ranking on the 1st page Google and YouTube, so you can use this valuable inside information to improve your own campaigns and give you a massive edge for getting your own organic rankings and a tsunami of FREE traffic.

Video Rank Checker

Plus, you also get our Video Rank Checker so you can INSTANTLY see where all your videos rank in Google and YouTube and monitor progress as you focus on overtaking your competition and expanding your online empire.

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