Create Content From GPT
Writing Tool OR DFY Content:

Create Script from ChatGPT Writing Tool or from The DFY Readymade content tool.

Generate Voiceover From

GPT Speech Converter:

Then Hop On to The Speech Converter, Click On New Voiceover (VOX) and Simply Upload Your ChatGPT Text/ Script, Or DFY script in the tool. Customize it with desired Output Volume, Speaking Speed, Language And Voice Type. To generate the file, Click On Generate Vox.


Now You Are All Done. Within Minutes, You Have Your
New Real Sounding A.I Powered Voiceover Which You
Can Download And Save To Your System and use it for
your business needs.

In "MY Vox Tab" – You Can Go and View All Your Vox
Files That Are Saved.

Creating Stunning content from ChatGPT & Realistic
Human Speech Voiceovers in one single App Has
Never Been Simpler, Easier... And Cheaper!

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The List Is Endless

As a business, You Can Have Several Streams Of Income...

  • Sell Marketing & Sales Material Content Creation
  • Sell Voiceover Generation
  • Sell Podcasts, Audio Books Etc
  • Sell Social Media Campaign Creation
  • Offer Consultancy

Sell These Services Separately Or
Together Is Your Choice...

Sign Up As A Freelancer And Provide Content Creation Services To Brands, And Content Creators

Sign Up As A Freelancer And Provide Content Creation Services To Brands, And Content Creators

Sign Up As A Freelancer And Provide Content Creation Services To Brands, And Content Creators

Today Is Your Chance, And For A Limited Time Only, To Secure Your Commercial Access To GPTVoicer...

Choose Your Best Option Now:
Personal Use


  • Built In ChatGPT Writing Tool – Create Any Kind Of Text
  • Generate Top-Quality Marketing Material – Ads, Copies, Sales Scripts, Product Descriptions, Articles Etc At Your Fingertips
  • Readymade DFY Content – Create Email swipes, Articles, Video scripts, and Sales copies from 100+ DFY templates
  • Built-In GPT Speech Converter – Convert any GPT script Or your own into natural voiceovers
  • Translate Text – To – Speech Into Stunning voice overs for Videos – sales videos, explainer videos etc
  • Choose from 150 voices and 50+ Languages
  • Add Music, Modify Speed, Volume, Pitch, Tone
  • Vox Limit - 1000 characters per voiceover
  • Use Voice Overs with ANY Video Editing Software
  • Store Upto 1 GB of Files per month
  • 100% Beginner Friendly
Commercial License


  • Built In ChatGPT Writing Tool – Create Any Kind Of Text 
  • Create & Sell Top Quality GPT Texts And Voiceovers
  • Create & Sell Marketing Material - Product Descriptions, Blogs, Ebooks, Articles, Social Media Ads, Scripts, Website Content, Sales Copies, Email Swipes Etc
  • Readymade DFY Content – Sell Email Swipes, Articles, Video Scripts, and Sales Copies From 100+ DFY Templates
  • Built In GPT Speech Converter – Convert Any GPT Script Into Natural sounding voiceovers
  • Create And Sell Voiceovers For Podcasts, Audiobooks, Webinars, And Videos
  • Choose From 150 Voices And 50+ Languages
  • Add Music, Modify Speed, Volume, Pitch, Tone
  • Create Voiceovers Upto 3000 Characters Per Voiceover
  • Use Voice Overs With Any Video Editing Software
  • 100% Beginner Friendly

No Other A.I Text-To-Speech And Content Creation Apps Even Comes Close To What GPTVoicer Does

We’re Not Joking When We Say This. There have been No Compromises!

We Have Used The Most Advanced Tesla Approved Technology - ChatGPT – That Has Disrupted The Business Landscape - Some Never Seen Before - To Ensure This All-In-One Software OUTPERFORMS Any Individual Software Currently Available.