Make Testimonial Collection a Breeze for Your Business with This Simple Solution

Testimonials Can Boost Your Sales
But Collecting Them Is Truly A Hassle...

Until Now! Presenting:

Testimonial PRO

Unleash the Power of Testimonials:
Boost Your Brand Trust in Just 3 Simple Steps.

Step 1: Create Your Testimonial Landing Page

Step 2: Share Your Testimonial Campaign URL

Step 2: Manage And Access All Your Collected Testimonials 
From A Single Dashboard

Add testimonials To Your Website Without
Writing A Line Of Code

Create a "WALL" of auto updating testimonials on your website & sales pages. Looks perfectly
Integrated to your design.

Some Examples:

Ready To Create Your "Wall" Of Testimonials?

Create Dedicated Landing Pages To Collect Testimonials

Fully Mobile Optimized To Collect Testimonials From Phone or Computer.

Why You Need Testimonial PRO?

  • Collect Testimonials In Automation
  • Create "Wall" of Testimonials
  • Collect Testimonial Videos From Phone/Computer
  • Fully Mobile Responsive & Optimized
  • Embed On Your Website/Landing Page