Congratulations! Your Order Is Almost Complete. But before you get started…

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Get Full Resell Rights Or DFY Whitelabel Today...

Sell VideoDeals and Pocket 100% of ALL Profits You Make

About Resell Rights..

Sell VideoDeals To Your Clients 

  • DFY Sales Pages: All Sales Pages for the Entire Funnel will be created by us and you can simply share pages and earn 100% of every sale
  • DFY Access Pages: All Delivery Pages will be done for you
  • Support Team: When your clients make a purchase, our Support Team will deliver the product to them and answer all their post sale questions, if any.
  • You Keep 100% of every sale in the entire funnel!
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We've spent thousands of dollars in perfecting VideoDeals and we're letting you sell it as your own... making HUGE profits and keeping it all for yourself

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And the best part... WE TAKE CARE OF ALL THE SUPPORT… You simply sell and keep the profits. We take care of you as well as your customers

About DFY White Label..

You get everything you need
 to start selling, including a sales page, logos
and a built-in membership system!

We Buy Your Choice of Domain for you

We will install the Video Deals software
 and host for you for 2 years

We Install a sales Page for you

We create a logo for you

You get 3 ready to go logo templates so you can instantly rebrand the product!

Check out these screenshots from inside the app...

Login Page

Create Campaigns

Manage Users

Dashboard Area

Customise Styles and Settings

Training Area

You’re Getting Everything…

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A product that has huge demand and solves a genuine need in the market

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New technology - so you can offer something that hasn’t been seen before

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A Strong Buzz in the market so that people know about the product and how it can help them

Sell VideoDeals - Direct to Clients

Let's assume you have a list...

You know how effective, stable and easy to use VideoDeals is and you want to sell it directly to your clients.

Maybe you want to run personalized interactive emails using VideoDeals as a service….

This Reseller License gives you full control to do all that and more…

Nothing to Upload, Host, Configure or Support... A Complete 'Done For You' Business

Get A Ready-To-Sell

Blockbuster Software WITHOUT:

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Paying Exorbitant Fee To Programmers

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Headaches or Overhead Costs

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Waiting For 2 Years To Get A Software Developed

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Managing And Chasing Developers

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Server Costs

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Human Resource Costs

...and here is everything you get today in your whitelabel purchase

VideoDeals Whitelabel Software

You get the full, unreleased VideoDeals Whitelabel software package. This powerful app will sell like crazy and your customers will love it!

VideoDeals Installer

Any whitelabel software I make is super simple to set up. You just upload our installer file, complete a form and click next a few times then the whole thing is ready to go!

Maximum Control

You have a powerful superadmin account so you can manage users, secure signup links, all aspects of branding and colours and more. You can also run your own tracking campaigns.

Whitelabel Training

Full and detailed training on how to configure and set up the whole app, as well as a whitelabl written training manual that is unbranded to any app name, so you can use it to provide to your customers.

Membership System

No need to mess around trying to secure your app or set up a membership system. Everything is completely built into the app, making it easy to be up and running in minutes.

Email Swipe

To launch your new product, you need emails to send to your potential customers. Your purchase comes with a full set of ready to go emails. just add your product name and link, and you are all set.

Editable Sales Page

You get a slick, modern app style sales page to go with your new software. All you need to do is edit the product title and add your payment links.

Email Swipe

VideoDeals is the brand name I use, so you will want to use your own. With that in mind, we have a slick editable logo for you to edit and use.

We Provide & Take Care
Of Everything…

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Hiring, Training, Managing, and Paying Customer Support Staff To Service YOUR Customers

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Hosting & Service Charges To Ensure High-Speed Rendering For YOUR Customers

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Maintaining And Upgrading The Software

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Additional Overheads Incurred To Manage And Serve YOUR Customers

Choose Your Option Below

Once you purchase VideoDeals, it only takes
3 steps and you are ready to sell.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Just upload the installation file we give you as soon as you purchase.

Enter your info and click "install" only takes a few seconds.

Use the secure signup URL provided by your new app and users can create their account in seconds. It couldn't be simpler!