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Edit And Repurpose Existing
Video/Audio Content

With this powerful feature upgrade, you can now edit your video in VidTags through the transcribed text instead of using the video timeline. This makes video editing as easy as editing a text document

Why Editing Your Video Using The
Text-Transcription Is A Game-Changer…

No Video Editing Skills Required

We created VidTags with a focus on making it easy to create and edit stunning videos.

When you get this upgrade, you don’t have to learn how to use complicated, overengineered video-editing programs. with VidTags Deluxe, video editing is reduced to basic functions that are understandable to everyone.

The Fastest Way To Edit Your Videos

Editing your videos via text is FAST…

Just jump through the text and quickly delete single words or whole sentences from your video, which can quickly save you HOURS and create a smoother, cleaner video. With this upgrade, you can edit talking head videos 7 TIMES faster than traditional video editing programs.

Cut Out The Most Significant Snippets From Your Video

VidTags text-based editing approach allows you to easily cut out the right snippets of your video by just editing the text, so you don’t have to record over and over again. One quick edit and you’re DONE.

Quickly Fix Translations And Transcriptions

If there are some words that are not transcribed or translated correctly or you want to change some words on your existing video, just locate the words or sentences, edit them on the fly, recreate the video.

What used to take hours of editing now takes MINUTES and few keystrokes.

Recreate Or Repurpose A New Video

After editing, deleting, or modifying the content you want to change, just use the sync button in your dashboard to create a new version of your video with the click of your mouse.

Revert To Old Version

If you still want to access or use the old version, just use the revert button to reverse back to an older file version.

Automatic Video
Language Detector

VidTags not only allows you to create interactive video/audio content in several languages. But with the new “automatic language detector” the software automatically detects and serves your viewers with their browser language content first.

Say your original video is in English when someone from France visits your video page the content they see automatically changes to French.

  • Automatically detect the language of viewers based on their browser and show them the video in their preferred language first
  • This makes it easier than ever to target your audience
  • Automatically improve the viewer experience for better results with no effort
  • Now you can sell to more people aside from your default language zone (Reach a wider audience).
  • Experience huge conversions, unparalleled retention, and engagements

Add Up To
10 Team Members

Add up to 10 team members to work on any VidTags project without any additional licensing fees.

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WARNING! This is a one-time offer
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WARNING! This is a one-time offer
– If you close this page and come back later you risk
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