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by internet marketers, for internet marketers.

Funnels are reliable and effective of converting your site visitors to leads, and leads to sales. This is a proven approach in nurturing the purchase intent of a visitor.
So, whether you are an individual, online marketer, affiliate,

reseller or an agency, you are going to need funnels to

generate lasting value from your business. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

For Businesses

As a business, we understand that your primary goal is to ensure that your visitors are reliably converted to sales, and that your customers have a lasting, long-term relationship with your business. The pool of templates in xfunnels cover a wide range of local and digital businesses - you’ll be sure to find something that’s perfect for you! Also, xfunnels integrates with our other software products seamlessly so that you’ll have exactly what you need to skyrocket conversions.

For Marketers

Your primary aim as a marketer - whether you’re an affiliate marketer or you are selling your own awesome products - is to ensure that your visitors convert to leads and also go on to buy the products you are promoting or selling. Your arsenal, hence, is everything ranging from lead generation pages, two-step lead capture pages, bonus pages, webinar sign up pages, and most importantly, ultra-gorgeous sales pages. And that’s exactly what xfunnels gives you to maximize sales.

For Agencies

As an ultra-cool marketing agency, your main focus is to ensure that your customers love what you do for them while also having access to the work you create for them. Managing customers and their demands can at times get really difficult. xfunnels has a dedicated dashboard that you get as an agency from which you can comprehensively manage your customers’ content and campaigns. The template-rich library gives you a vast choice to cater to pretty much any customer - be it local businesses, entrepreneurs or even companies.

Get your new funnel up and running in as little as 5 minutes!

Select, Modify, Design High Converting Funnels, Sit Back, Get Profits! running in as little as 5 minutes!

Pick the type of Funnel

xfunnels bring you the variety of funnel templates designed to serve each domain of your business. Be it a sales funnel, launch funnel, or funnel for running an event, all these funnels are simple to create and will INSTANTLY be set up with all the pages you need for the funnel type you select.


Adjust your Funnel - the way you want!

Now that you have your funnel in place, it’s time to make your funnel look exactly the way you want it to. You can add, move, delete, and edit any page you want inside your funnel. xfunnels allows you to get your funnels built in minutes while giving you the freedom to adjust your templates just the way you desire.


Customize your Page to get the Perfect Look!

Your page is as unique as you are, right?! Right! Which is why we have packed xfunnels with a bonanza of customization features that will make your funnel pages not just absolutely beautiful but also totally unique - tailored perfectly to your awesome style!


Nurture your Leads

Lead nurturing is the secret sauce to maximizing your sales. And you do this by knowing exactly how your visitors and leads interact with your pages, and how they convert to sales. xfunnels lets you not just capture leads but also segment them effectively so you’ll know exactly which lead responded to what on your pages. Designing pages based on these insights will create a bond with your visitors that will last long after they have left your pages.


Integrating Apps with xfunnels

Awright - xfunnels is not the only app you’re going to be using in your business. We get that! Which is why, we’ve created xfunnels such that you can easily integrate it to loads of other apps of your choice, be these your favorite autoresponder, payment gateways, Zapier and many more apps. Xfunnels is designed to fit into your app landscape - perfectly!


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All the features you ever wanted

Designing & Creation

DFY Templates

xfunnels offers a variety of pre-built, done-for-you templates that are fully customizable, making it very easy for launching a campaign fast, even when you are in lack of ‘from-scratch’ inspiration.


Enjoy state-of-the-art visual interface! Add, move, delete, & edit any element. Be it color adjustments, logo replacement, text customization and lots more.

Advanced Editing

With the xfunnels’ Advance Page Editor, we put the power back into YOUR hands, so you’ll NEVER have to rely on a team of designers again! And no tech or coding skills required!


We have outlined the necessary steps to make sure that your sales funnel is not dead-on-arrival when it is viewed on other devices. All pages created are 100% responsive on all devices.

Consistent Branding

Entire branding should be consistent with your business brand and not xfunnels’. You can disable the xfunnels branding for all pages, change the favicon, domain name & make it all yours.

Countdown Timer

You can choose from various available icons & select the perfect countdown timer for your pages. The timer will allow you to set a countdown clock to a specific date & time on your page.

SEO Ready

You may update the SEO Meta Data for each page in your funnel so as to help your page ranking in Google by adding relevant keywords that will show up in search results.

Reuse Content

All the funnels you create in xfunnels remain autosaved within it. You can duplicate any of your previous templates from your past masterpieces with just a few clicks.

Form Builder

Build powerful and totally customizable forms to collect leads effectively, Use multiple elements, such radio buttons and a lot more in a drag’n’drop form builder.

Customization & Publishing

Create Page Variants

You can create a number of page and funnel variants cloning the same but changing multiple texts together with the dynamic text replacement giving them a different look and feel so you can test away.

xfunnels Hosting

You no longer need to pay a hosting provider to “host” all your files on their servers. xfunnels comes with hosting included to host all your pages & funnels on our fast CDN server.

Secured Subdomain

xfunnels will help you set up a secure subdomain for your account so that your content is safe. It will also troubleshoot the most common problems & ensure your subdomain is secure.

Custom Domain

You can connect your external domain as a custom domain to use in any of your funnels. For instance, instead of, you can use to give your pages a unique look.

Social Media

Embed links to your social media handles or source and moderate any content or comment posted on any of your social media to link it to your landing pages with the social media integration features.

Video Hosting

The video element will allow you to add video content to your xfunnels pages from a variety of sources such as YouTube, Vimeo , via direct URL or an embed code, all with just a few clicks.

Capturing Leads & Converting

Import or Share

You can import the funnels you created and make available to your clients. Similarly, you can import any page inside the xfunnels builder with just the page’s URL & customize it to your choice.

Sign-up Form

Create appealing sign-up forms by choosing from the pre-set templates & edit fields, color, fonts, log etc. or create your own from the scratch. Embed the same to your page & collect leads.

Form Validation

Maintain the accuracy of your conversion rates by detecting invalid email addresses & bounce-backs to eliminate the bogus registrants and spammers, helping you keep a clean list of subscribers.

Email Opt-ins

Capturing leads couldn’t be easier than how xfunnels makes it. With its fully customizable opt-in forms, you can gather emails quickly, easily and reliably, helping you build a massive list fast.

Export Your Lists

With a single click, download the subscription lists easily in file formats that are compatible with almost all platforms and can be used to re-market for future campaigns, and a lot more.

Add Modal Pop-Ups

Add & edit a pop-up on your pages. Pop-ups provide another way of collecting information from your visitors. The pop-up can show either at the click of a button, a link, or upon the visitor’s exit intent.

Automation & Optimizing

A/B Testing

Make variants of pages & funnels to compare & estimate the best. Setting up split-tests is the simplest way to optimize your sales & leads each day & boost your conversion by10x.

Scroll Mapping

A scroll map in xfunnels shows how far users scroll down your page. Mapping colours are used to represent the most & least viewed parts of a page, and from popular to not-so-popular.

Heat Mapping

Heat Mapping tracks the actual time people spend looking at, clicking on and scrolling through various areas on your site, helping you get a clearer idea of all of your customer traffic and what they like.

Custom HTML

In addition to what is integrated in xfunnels, the Custom HTML element allows you to add your own HTML code to your pages. You can use this feature to massively boost rankings on search engines.

One-click Upsells

The upsell or downsell steps will allow you to offer additional products and services to your customers without requiring them to re-enter their credit card information. This massively increases sales.


The more the insights you have, the better it is for you. This is why xfunnels’ powerful reporting gives you deep insights into what your visitors clicked. This works as a conversion booster.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS elements in xfunnels allow you to extend the functionality and design of your funnels. It controls the appearance of HTML elements on your pages, giving you even more flexibility.

Custom Branding

Branding your pages as YOURS is a powerful statement to make to your customers, as it immediately shows authority. xfunnels allows you to do exactly that with perfect ease.

App Integrations

xfunnels integrates with a variety of apps, be it popular autoresponders, payment gateways. Also, the Zapier integration allows you to connect numerous other 3rd party apps with xfunnels.

Analytics & Statistics

Stats & Analytics

Take valuable inferences from the analytics and statistics section to view the user actions, bounces, performance, conversion, clickthrough rates etc. to maximize conversions based on solid data.

Conversion Pixel

You can add your pixel or use the built-in conversion pixel helps you track the source & the visitor journey to the point of conversion for you to better understand how campaigns performed.

Re-target your Leads

Know how often users visit your page, and which pages they're most interested in, so you can generate new leads to follow-up, even after they leave your page, so as to target them in the future.