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Get Our SEVEN Best-Selling Video Traffic Apps

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Grab The All-In-One YouTube Marketing Bundle

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Needs Of All The Local Businesses

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Keyword Research

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Headline Creator

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Viral Video Finder

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Competitor Spy

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Video Creator

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Graphics Designer

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Video Scheduling

10x your ExposureTraffic, Leads, And Sales To Get Results Like These For Yourself And Your Local Business Clients…

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YouTube replaced Facebook as the #1 platform
that affects consumer behavior. 

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By 2020, the number of videos crossing the Internet per second will approach 1 million.

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88 PERCENT of marketers are committed to devoting
more dollars to video campaigns in the future.
(Social Media Week)

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Every day, people watch over a billion hours
of video on YouTube.

In 2020, the video train is moving even faster, and it’s 

moving with or without you. 

You see, let’s not deceiveourselves. Video marketing is not that hard. I mean, the “gurus” can make you think otherwise so they can keep selling you their new shiny

video software.

That ends today!

If you would like to quickly double your sales & client sales using 

nothing but simple videos (along with all the video apps you’ve ever

bought), then this is for you

..because we have created the ULTIMATE Video Marketing Tool Kit that includes 7

different software that will help you effortlessly drive literally Everyone Accessing

YouTube Every Day to your offers or your website.



But here’s the thing…

Conversions are truly based on quality i.e. the quality of your offers. If your offer/product or service is crappy, no amount of traffic will give you sales.

Traffic on the other hand is both quantitative and qualitative. In simple words…you need

quality traffic and tons of it to make profits.

And that’s exactly what we plan to get for you…using not 1, not 2 rather 7 different software.

We are going to get you…


YouTube – the No. 1 place to get both quality buyer
traffic and that too truck loads of it.


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YouTube replaced Facebook

as the #1 platform that

affects consumer behavior

with over a billion videos

watched daily. (This will

drastically increase in 2020).

This is no joke! It's happening - Video is HOTTER than ever... and more people are going to profit more in 2020 than the previous year combined!

...this is why we're literally giving you ALL you need to make a killing with just 1 tool kit.

But before we reveal it, let me show you what (alternate tools) you are going to need to

achieve the same results and shell out how much money doing so…

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So, the total cost of such an assortment should come to anywhere around $880/month!

And the headache doesn’t stop there…

Imagine switching between different desktops, running and collecting data related to different campaigns – it’s all surely mind-boggling.

This is why we've spent the last 11 months building an ALL IN ONE platform that completely eliminates the cost and stress you'd have to go through to achieve similar results.

We figured you probably already have a ton of video creation tools that are gathering dust on your desktop... because the truth is, everybody is telling you to do video marketing just to sell you another video creation software...

...but no one is telling you exactly how to optimize them for maximum profit.

So, after 11 months of research, office hours, and we-prefer-to-not-embarrass-ourselves cups of coffee, we found a pattern; NO, it’s not what you think.

It’s not even a secret. Seriously.

It’s just a simple plain strategy ordinary guys like me and you can use to create virally optimized videos consistently, using any existing Video creation tools.

So we built a software suite around this strategy with everything included so ANYONE can use and start seeing results FAST!

Here are just some of the video tools YouStudio

works with & helps optimize:

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..and many more - in fact, it works with ANY Video Builder out there.


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The Ultimate All-In-One YouTube 

Marketing Software Bundle

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Let’s Open YouStudio
And Quickly Show You What’s Inside…

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Tool #1:
Viral Keyword Tool

Grab all the viral keywords QUICKLY using the easiest keyword research tool ever created. Start creating videos that go viral around the topics that REALLY matter (the ones people are searching for)

Your audience on YouTube are not out

to watch boring content…

   PRO-TIP !  

Local Business owners would be blown away, when you show them exactly the kind of videos

their potential customers are dying to watch. This alone will 10X their exposure and attract

hundreds of diehard fans that will turn into customers for them.

Expert-Tip: Charge your customers per niche research or charge them an ‘X’ amount for

weekly/monthly report that you can easily download from YouStudio in 1 click.

Tool #2:
Headline Analyser

Your videos are dead in the water if you can't title them well. This tool will help you analyse viral-worthy headlines that make your videos go viral using a unique subliminal algorithm around emotional and power words.

Every other video will not stand a chance around yours when you use this to create headlines that get the clicks - increases CTRs to generate leads, sales and HUGE profits.

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   PRO-TIP !  

Insert your clients video headline and analyse them using this tool - you will get a

score that suggests exactly what you need to do next. Your clients are going to love

you for helping them create viral click-worthy headlines.

Expert-Tip: Here you can charge your clients per video headline optimization.

Headlines are the most powerful elements of any viral content online so

ensure to charge a premium for this.

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Tool #3:
Viral Video Finder

Lets you see the exact viral videos that are making the waves on the internet, including all their engagement stats across several social media platforms.

Quickly Swipe their strategy and implement on your own or your clients videos to see instant results!

   PRO-TIP !  

This is deep insight that is only available to few so your clients would be super excited to see the

exact strategies their competitors are using against them. Become the whistle blower and make

a ton of money doing so quickly, easily, and in only 1 click!

Expert-tip: Charge per PDF report.

Tool #4:

Lets you schedule your videos directly from YouTube to 3 of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

It'll take you just a few minutes to schedule your videos for days, weeks, or even months, after which you can relax and watch your videos get more traffic, SEO rankings, and massive exposure.

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   PRO-TIP !  

Local businesses are desperate to get as many exposure as then can get. With YouStudio, you

can help them setup social syndication for all their video contents automatically for weeks and

even months to come. 

Charge BIG money here. Social syndication is a ton of work when you have to do it

manually, but of course, you’d be doing it in minutes using YouStudio - and your

customers don’t have to know that (Shhhh…)

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Tool #5:
Competitor Spy

Place your videos or client videos side by side with your competitor and see EXACTLY what they're doing that you're not doing. This not only exposes their strategies but also allow you swipe/improve on what they're doing so you can beat them at their own game.

Your videos won't stand the chance against your competition without this insight.

   PRO-TIP !  

Local businesses are constantly at war against each other. Become the bridge that gives them

exactly what they want.

Expert-tip: You can charge your clients per PDF report that you can download in 1 click from your

YouStudio dashboard. At least, that’s how I’d do it :)

Tool #6:
YouTube Graphics Designer

Lets you create professional graphics assets for your Videos or client videos with preset YouTube banner sizes you can simply select and start using.

Helps you quickly design attention-grabbing YouTube banners that will make your channel videos stand out from your competition.

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   PRO-TIP !  

Every local business needs YouTube branding across all their content. All you have to do is to login to

your YouStudio YouTube Graphics tool, select a preferred banner size and design a

simple graphics as we will show you exactly how to. It’s definitely a ‘Hot-Sell’. 

Expert-tip: You can charge your clients per banner. A ton of people are making thousands

of dollars on Fiverr alone designing video banners for YouTubers and local businesses.

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Tool #7:
Video Slide Creator

The simplest video creator app ever is what you're

seeing here. Create simple slideshow videos for

your channel. It synchronizes with YouGraphics

such that you can create all your graphic assets

right inside YouGraphics, and finish it up inside this

really simple video creator.

   PRO-TIP !  

Local businesses would be more than happy to get video presentation slides for their channel.

This is a HUGE money maker for you. Best part is, it takes only few minutes to create one.

Expert-Tip: You can charge per video presentation.

Create A Passive Income With The Commercial

License Included (Without Upgrading)

As you can see...these services can be offered individually or as a complete package, depending on your clients’ needs. You can decide to charge them a one-time or a monthly recurring fee.

Video Marketing is a ‘Must-Have’ today for every business. Cash in on it. The world is on YouTube. Local businesses have literally ‘No Choice’ there.

You can easily generate Revenue selling these services to customers

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Now Let Me Show You 

The Complete Offer Once Again

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That’s a whopping total RETAIL value of $699

But just you can get it all today at super-low discounted price.