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For Better Videos That Pay For Themselves!

100 NEW Characters

Your videos will be instantly fresher and oozing excitement with this collection of pro-only fully animated characters.

Regular members (your current membership level) have 25 characters to create with. VidToon pro gives you an extra 100 on top of that, so you have a character ready to go for any situation you can think of!

Niche characters include male and female characters as doctors, police, teachers, architects, graduates and characters of all ages.

Here's a sample of what you'll get (they'll ALL be animated too!)

2,000 Music Tracks

The added music tracks will let you set the mood for any video you can think of, in any niche.

It's no secret... the music sets the feel and ambiance turning any video into a masterpiece.

With VidToon Pro you can use as many of these high quality audio tracks, as many times as you like in videos you use for yourself or even videos you sell to clients!

7,500+ Vector Graphics

The first thing you'll notice about VidToon is how flexible it is, and a few moments after that - you'll be thirsty for more ways to express your ideas.

You'll be able to download this massive collection (over 7.3GB of incredibly useful graphics you can use!) and drag and drop them into a video, transforming it from average to extraordinary in moments.

And if the ideas aren't flowing, don't worry either. Flick through these graphics, drag in a couple to get you started and your stunning video is almost complete! 

If It Works For Disney, It’ll Certainly Work For Us

There is a huge fan base for animated movies and shows out there. People are buying animated character merchandise and there are several theme parks profiting from it.

Is that not reason enough to believe that animation works? It works because it reaches out to the child within each of us. Combine animation with a powerful marketing message and there you have your recipe for success.

Be So Good, They Can’t Ignore You

The entertainment factor aside, videos are simplistic tools that help explain complex matters. You can sell your product or service using animated story telling. Relatable characters and audio make the video striking!

Your video compels people to buy your product. It’s not hard to put 2 & 2 together. Use Vidtoon™ 2.1 to see the results for yourself!

Quickest Way To Make Profits

We’ve established the fact that static images don’t work. Audio alone doesn’t work well either. Video is the king of content, it’s likely to remain so.

Now imagine creating videos everyday for your brand. Hiring expensive actors, creating elaborate set ups & burning a hole in your pocket with expert videographers. Now, think again. With animated videos not only are you saving money, you are also saving all that time. VidToon™ lets you create effective animations within a few minutes. You can even add Text to speech tools for personalized audio. All the time that you save on creating a video, you spend making money from it. There can be no better deal.

Making Learning Fun

One never stops learning. So technically, all the world’s a classroom & there is immense pressure on the teacher. We make teaching easy & learning fun.

VidToon™ makes tutorials and training videos simultaneously entertaining and educational. We’ve heard learning never goes waste, and we can’t say that we disagree.

Don’t Gamble On Your Future!
Act Now, Without Delay.

When life gives you a second chance, you take it! Here is yours! Vidtoon PRO can be yours at the lowest price it’ll ever be but for a limited period of time.

If the future of videos is animation then you want to make it your reality today. Get the best explainer video software and don’t waste a single profit-making moment.

Make the best quality animated videos with our enhanced features and tools. We’ve made it simpler, faster and better, only for you.

Change your life today. Sell more, sell better.